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Wannabe Bank Robber Essay

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I was randomly placed in a group with five other people in my drama class; we were given several stimuli and were told to think up an improvisation for each. We did so and were then told witch of the stimuli we would actually be working on. We then decided that we would create a comedy about an unfortunate bank robber. The comedy started with the lead character Victor Watt (Tom) standing centre stage in a white spotlight telling how, if the ‘job’ had gone to plan, he would be rich Victor then exits up stage right.

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I, who was standing behind Victor, turns round and raises my hands then lowers them while wiggling my fingers and making the noise ‘bidlyboop’ repetitively to comically signify going into the fantasy flashback, the stage then fades to black. The music (‘Little Green Bag’ from Reservoir Dogs) and lights come up on a fantasy scene in which Victors ‘job’ goes exactly to plan and more. (The lights in this scene are more yellow to the side of the stage on which the bank is. ) As he walks in three ladies (Julie, Stacy & Claire) look him up and down and he turns to the audience and winks.

He waltzes into the bank (up stage left) winks at the female bank clerk (Kim) and receives his big bag of ‘loot’. He walks out (centre stage) and is intercepted by a police officer (Me) that thinks he’s Clint Eastwood. The music stops and the police officer makes the tune from ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, Victor looks the police officer up and down and asks what the hell he’s doing. The police officer responds to this by charging at Victor who cunningly side steps to evade his attack, this sends the police officer into an overly elaborate frenzy of a fall.

After the deranged policeman is left face down half way down the street, Victor picks up two of the three ladies that flirted with him before he entered the bank leaving one (Julie). This last lady walks over to the face down police officer takes a look at him in disgust then continues to smoke. At this moment Victor looks back and whistles to this remaining female, all in a fluster she stubs out her cigarette on the police officers back and runs off to Victor who ‘gentlemanly’ lets her leave first as he caches a gander at her rear.

The music stops and again I stand centre stage and make the same action to signify returning to the present then the scene fades to black. The lights come up on Victor Watt who again is standing centre stage but this time explains that things never relay go to plan especially if the plan is his and that the next thing you are to see is what relay happened. He exits up stage right, I who again was standing behind Vic with my back to the audience turn round and make the same gesture this time to signify going into the real flashback. The lights go down.

The lights come up on the same flashback scene minus the music. Victor walks in with a ripped old jacket over his hand and looking much less… virile. Instead of women falling at his feet he is falling over his feet. The ladies take one look at him and blow a lung full of smoke in his face. He turns to the audience and rubs his bloodshot eyes. He stumbles as he puts his hand out to open the front door to the bank but manages to catch the handle, pull himself up (this was done planed in mime but was not acted out in the final performance) then open the door.

He stagers into the bank and over to the bank clerk. When he removes his jacket he reveals the gun he was hiding, he points it with an extremely unsteady hand at the clerk. He then tells her, with an even more unsteady voice, to give him all the money. She turns round and presses the alarm. Victor panics and attempts to shot the gun but pulls the wrong trigger, the revolver opens and bullets fall out onto the floor. He runs for the door but the police sirens are already right outside the bank. A voice comes as if from nowhere and says, “This is the police, come out with your hands up!

” then the scene fades to black. The lights come back up on Victor standing in a spotlight with his head hug. He looks up and states that that was his story but not to worry he make his fortune yet. There is then an unseen voice that says, “Come on Victor, visitor times over”. A large man dressed as a jail guard steps into the spotlight in front of Victor, with his back to the audience he turns Victor round and puts on his handcuffs, he then roughly pushes him out of the spotlight and follows him closely baton in hand.

The scene then fades to black and the curtains close. I think our play was fairly well written and fairly well performed but it could have been better if we had a better set and props. To add a conclusion I am over all pleased with the outcome of “Wannabe Bank Robber”. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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