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Walt Disney was as great leader

Try to imagine a world without Disney movies, Disneyland and most importantly Walt Disney. How would our childhood be like? Walter Elias Disney also known as Walt Disney was the founder of the famous Walt Disney Production; He created all of our childhood movies. Do you remember The Three Musketeers? Pinocchio? Snow White and the seven dwarfs? He was an important leader and also a great one.

Walt Disney was a great leader because of what he has accomplished and because of his ambition and drive to fulfill his own dream.

Disney created/invented the world’s most well known animated cartoon, Mickey Mouse. He also created the “art” of animations and left one of the largest entertainment companies as his legacy to the world. All of the Disney movies, stories and characters provided meaningful themes that taught children good lessons about life. He worked hard to makes a difference in lives of those who interacted/ approached the Walt Disney Productions.

Although Walt Disney’s life was filled with many ups and downs he still never gave up on his dream “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthen me.

You may not realize it when it happens but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Disney once quoted. Disney never stopped thinking better and bigger; he never stopped trying no matter how successful he was. To me, this is what a true leader is.

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Not only was Walt Disney super successful in his career he was also a loyal and sincere man who always made people happy. His first priority was always to his family as he was always there for his wife and daughters. “Walt worked hard to build relationships, especially with his employees. He wanted his employees to be happy and he worked closely with everyone in his company.” Jolene stated. Jolene agrees that Walt Disney’s best leadership quality was his communication and teamwork skills.

Through Walt Disney’s 43-year career he always worked hard to change people lives and make them happy. Walt Disney’s leadership style contained teamwork, communication and motivation. I believe Disney’s leadership style would be somewhere between democratic and autocratic. Walt Disney always asked for everyone’s opinions and took it into consideration; He also made decisions upon his own point of view. He was committed to his employee and always had faith in his convictions.

Walt Disney’s leadership was flawless as he had all the characteristics a good leader should have. The only thing he could have done better was to be more autocratic in some situations. Sometimes as Walt was too democratic it was hard to make big decisions.

“As a leader, you must also never stop innovating and dreaming about new possibilities. Truly the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you want to build something worthwhile, constantly think about more creative ways you can achieve it.” Walt Disney inspired people to achieve more than they thought they were able to. And to become like him I must follow my dreams and do all I can to pursue them. Also, I mustn’t give up on my dreams because as a leader, I need to have a tenacity to keep on going even through the toughest times.

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