Walmart is Running The World

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How close do we pay attention to a store. We know that sell things to us consumes, but that is all we know. Walmart is a big company that we go to at least once a week. We go just to get simple needs. Never paying attention to what is going on. Why are they successful? What makes them successful? This never crossed our mind, but it is true. People need to see how Walmart is successful in just the smallest things.

Walmart is known for their big name, but how did they get there start. In 1950, Sam Walton Open his First store. Not the store we have all come to know but a different store called Walton 5 and 10. The store was a success which had inspired Walton to come out with Walmart. Walton idea was to have lower prices anywhere (“our history” n.d.). The First Walmart open in 1962 in a town in Arkansas. After seventeen years Walmart foundation was established (“Our History” n.

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d.). there are two types of Walmart that we all came to know. The first one was the supercenter that open in a few states in 1988. Then ten years later Walmart came out with the neighborhood market (“Our History” n.d.). In 2015 in Hudson NC Walmart decided to put one neighborhood market that had benefited the community.

The Walmart neighborhood market in Hudson is small compared to other Walmarts. They are taking a lot of things out compared other Walmarts. When going in to a big Walmart you see clothes, tires, hunting gear, a gardening center even electronics.

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Where in the neighborhood Walmart all that stuff is missing. They only sell grocery and simple ideas like pet food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and medicine. They also have a pharmacy. The little Walmart is like a Walgreens or a CVS. Price is a big difference Walmart is cheaper then both from over the counter medicine to cleaning supplies (Colley 12). When you go to Walmart, they target everyone more people then others. The neighborhood Walmart. Is more for adults. Yes, kids are still a target because they have a little section of toys and a candy section. When people go in to Walmart, they are playing their radio, so all kinds of music can play. In the back, they have a deli in the morning they have little chicken sliders but, in the afternoon, they have chicken sandwiches, pizza, popcorn chicken and a roasted chicken.

When walking in to a Walmart there are all these check out lines some with the people who work there, or custom checking themselves out. In technology we have changed a lot and Walmart taking advantage of it. The self-checkouts have become very popular lately. This has been great for Walmart, because they don’t have to hire as many employees. This means Walmart can make more money (Boothe 18). This also cuts the time off checking out. Also, more accurate for change then if someone else was giving it back. Self-checkouts also take up less space. This give Walmart to put more products to sale. Another positive is speed costumer can go as fast as they want. With people going at faster speeds more people can go through faster. There can be some cons about the self-checkout. First of all, not everyone is great with technology, so some people are not going to be able to understand what to not (Boothe 18). When people go through self-checkout there are cameras, before there not use to be any. People can’t be trusted some can still and this can cause problem for Walmart.

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