Wall-E vs Feed Comparison Essay

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Wall-E vs Feed Comparison

I believe that Disney Pixar’s WALL-E and M. T. Andersons view on human nature is that humans will always cause destruction. Anderson displays this belief on the very last sentence in Feed: “Everything Must Go”(Anderson 299). This shows that he believes humans will live until they have destroyed everything. In both works, Earths environment has become unstable and can no longer support the human population. In M. T Andersons book Feed all animals other than cockroaches have been killed by humans.

The whole human race has been forced to live in a series of man-made tubes and bubbles in the sky. Oceans are toxic and the earth is dying but nobody is aware of these problems because they are absorbed in keeping up with the newest trends, “Marty had dropped his bird, these fake birds that were the big spit and lots of people had them…”(Anderson 5). The main character is a boy called Titus and he is completely controlled by the feed until he meets Violet, a girl who got her Feed implanted later in life.

Violet teaches him to look through a different pair of eyes and shows him that the Earth is in trouble. Violet is one of the only people who understands what is happening because everyone else is consumed by technology. When Titus and Violet go to the beach they have to wear suits due to the chemicals: “It was dead but colorful… We had suits on so we couldn’t smell it”(Anderson 179). This shows that humans are not doing anything about this problem, and are letting the earth die.

Like Feed, WALL-E is the story about the evolution of human’s technologie. Humans have left earth due to the ever-mounting trash and are living on a space ship called the AXIOM: “Too much garbage in your face? There’s plenty of space out in space! ”(Pixar) WALL-E is a robot left by the humans to clean up the trash whilst they were gone. The humans’ plan was to live in space until the Earth was capable to sustain life. This plan is delayed 700 years due to the fact that they are completely addicted to technology and have no idea what is happening.

Disney Pixar is trying to show that one day, technology will control us. An example of this is “Auto”(the ships autopilot). Auto takes control over the ship and represses the captain. Auto represents all of the technology that is preventing the ship from returning to earth. Both Disney Pixar’s WALL-E and M. T. Anderson Feed show that humans will destroy the earth with their increasing reliance on technology. Both are comical, yet very similar to what life might truly evolve to become in the near feature due to our true human nature.

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