Walgreens vs. CVS Essay

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Walgreens vs. CVS

Many consumers take time and consideration when choosing a local pharmacy to take their business to, since many of the pharmacies now have expanded their product selections to include many of your everyday household needs. When you are out looking for a local pharmacy and the two closest locations to you are CVS and Walgreens and they just happen to be located across the street from each other, what features are going to make you choose one over the other?

Since both locations have drive-thru pharmacy services, the convenience is available at either location. Going into each store you will notice that Walgreens has a larger interior retail space due to high rise shelving units and is able to offer a wider variety of products such as; seasonal clothing items, accessories, toys, food and beverages. Whereas CVS has less interior space due to lower profile shelving units that promote a more interactive customer experience.

Consumers appreciate being able to interact with knowledgeable staff and having easy and accessible product placement while shopping in any facility. Walgreens pharmacy stores have a health and beauty wall, and employs knowledgeable health and beauty consultants. They

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are available to assist customers in not only locating and selecting cosmetics, fragrances, but health care products as well. CVS pharmacy stores as well have similar health and beauty sections located in their stores but without a designated or trained health and beauty consultant on staff to offer assistance customers.

In addition to health and beauty products Walgreens has a full photo lab and online photo printing services available and they employ fully trained photo lab technicians to assist customers with all their printing needs. The photo lab department offers a wide variety of services to enable customers to print to any location. CVS pharmacies as well have a full photo lab available to customers but do not employee designated photo lab technicians. While visiting the local CVS, you might encounter a slight wait if you were to be using the facility’s photo lab since the cashier located at the front of the store also is in charge of manning the photo department.

The most important feature of each location to include in an overall decision would have to be the pharmacy department itself. Are they fully staffed with knowledgeable employees? Is the customer service high quality, do they meet your own personal needs? Walgreens’ pharmacy employs only state board certified pharmacy technicians to work behind the pharmacy counter. They require 1 pharmacist to be present in order to operate, and only allow 3 technicians to be present for every pharmacist on the floor to ensure the best possible quality control. The pharmacy department has installed window dividers for patient privacy while dropping off or picking up medications. They have pharmacists certified in immunizations to administer Garcia 3

vaccinations to patients in designated rooms for patient privacy. They also have the most 24 hour locations to better serve customers. CVS pharmacies employee state board certified pharmacy technicians as well as pharmacy technician trainees who are in school to obtain their certification. They allow certified technicians to operate the pharmacy department without the presence of pharmacist for up to 3 hours. In doing so technicians would be able to assist customers in selling already packaged prescriptions but could not fill new ones or answer questions that were to be directed to the pharmacist.

CVS pharmacies have not installed any privacy dividers for patient privacy but instead have a one person at the counter at a time policy. CVS employs pharmacists certified in immunization as well, but it does not have specific immunization rooms set up for patient privacy. Ultimately both separate facilities offer many of the same products, promotions, and services. What will set the two apart and make any individual come back is the level of customer service experienced at each separate location and the knowledge of the staff members on products.

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