“Waiting for Daybreak” Kathryn Cushman Essay

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“Waiting for Daybreak” Kathryn Cushman

● Setting:
\The story is develops in a place called Shoal creek, Tennessee, it´s a small town about an hour south of Nashville. The Author doesn´t mention a lot about the place, culture or details about the Country. According to the book Shoal Creek is not a crowded place, neither is Nashville, so when Paige or Tony wanted to go to restaurants or go out, they had to travel about an hour or two to get downtown. The Author Doesn´t mention the year of the story, but the book was written in 2008 , judging by its content,the story takes place in the current time because the characters use their computers and cellphones, also, paige´s mother is having her cancer treatment, which means they are advanced in medicine and technology. The story begins in December. It was christmas and they were celebrating, or at least trying to be thankful , and then the book continues into the next year.

.\Characters are layered, complex and interesting. Main characters Paige, Clarissa and Dawn, the pharmacy tech, all come to life with weaknesses and redeeming qualities. . Paige Woodward a small town girl and hardworking who is desperate due to her mother´s cancer and the lack of money to cover the treatment. Though she’s trying to bolster her faith, she nevertheless makes some questionable choices to get what she needs. Along the way she learns a big lesson about what it means to really trust God, without trying to help Him do His job. . Clarissa Richardson is desperate in a different way. She will do whatever it takes to see her long-time dream come true. Trying to please a difficult family increases the pressure she is under, making for a tense situation that can’t possibly end well. .

Both are pharmacists just starting out in the business. Both have different dreams and definitions of success. Neither is mature enough to know how to go after their goal. Ora Vaerge, described as a wise old woman makes a powerful impact on each of their lives. .Dawn: a red head girl, who works as a technician in the pharmacy, also takes an important place in the Story, and learns a really good lesson. .Tony: Clarissas´s uncle the kind and handsome man that falls in love with Paige, he introduces a romantic part in the book. .Lee Richardson: Clarissas’s Grandfather and the owner of the pharmacy, a widower whose dream is to have the best pharmacy service in the city. .The Book also mentions some others Characters like: Jack, Cory and others that don’t take a major role in the book.

●The Plot:

It’s Christmas Eve, but Paige Woodward doesn’t anticipate a merry one. She’s just been fired from her pharmacy job at a big HMO and her Mom’s cancer tests have come back positive again. In fact, the seemingly idyllic holiday evening that starts in the novel, is only the beginning of a long night for the Nashville pharmacist. When Paige’s subsequent low-wage job at the free clinic peters out, a job offer from Lee Richardson – complete with decent wages, a signing bonus and a location close to where she lives – seems like an answer to her family’s prayers for Mom’s treatment money. But is it really a godsend? Her new boss, Lee’s granddaughter Clarissa, makes life difficult from day one. Clarissa Richards wanted to open a pharmacy in Nashville in the exact building where her grandmother used to work. Instead, her grandfather bought a theater in Shoal Creek, and put the pharmacy there. Clarissa hates being stuck out there in the sticks, but no one seems to care what she wants.

Then her grandfather hires Paige Woodward and doesn’t even tell her about it, and for Clarissa, that is going too far, Paige bends over backward – too far? – To get along. However, when Clarissa continues to cut corners and bend Pharmacy Board rules, Paige confronts her. She’s learned a thing or two about consequences and wrecked careers! A week before Paige started working, Clarissa gave a customer a wrong medicine and then the customer came back in order to change it, Paige received the wrong medication and changed it, but she told the customer a big lie in order to cover Clarissa´s mistake, but that was a terrible mistake that Paige has done, because Clarissa told to her grandfather that all was Paige fault. Will the waking nightmare that began Christmas Eve and continues through a spring of suspicion, setups, lies and pending lawsuits ever end? The pharmacy setting, where one mistake can prove deadly, is perfect for the suspenseful plot involving the dueling pharmacists. Each has her own reason for wanting to succeed, and her own way of making sure it will happen.

Wily Clarissa with her confidence, determination, sense of entitlement and family resources is a formidable foe. Of course Clarissa wasn´t going to give up on her dream, so she hired an investigator to find out about Paige´s past life and she discovered that Paige was involved in a lawsuit for a bad medical prescription, Paige didn´t know anything about Clarissa´s plan. Meanwhile Paige was just working and trying to save money for her mother´s cancer treatment Throughout the book Paige faces a Job-like barrage of problems. All this, along with a little romance, keeps the reader off-balance and transfixed. After several lessons Paige discovers that she made a mistake when she tried to cover Clarissa, and those mistakes would bring some consequences.

Clarissa accomplished her plan and told her grandfather a lot of lies about Paige, and what she found out about Paige’s life, immediately Paige was fired from lee´s pharmacy, and Started to doubt about God and her faith, she felt that God didn´t listen to her prayers, that God had abandoned her, she was worried about her mom´s treatment, who was going to provide the money for those expensive treatments and medicines?.. Some time after, The inspector discovered that Mrs. Ora was intoxicated with a medication given by Clarissa, and Clarissa realized that she has made mistakes and that she was not being real with her grandfather and she decided to tell all the truth to Lee Richardson about Paige, Clarissa told Lee, That Paige was a good pharmacist and that everything was her fault. Clarissa discovers that being a pharmacist wasn´t her speciality so she retired from that career and started to study another career. Paige was hired again, Lee apologized and offered her to be the new pharmacy manager, Lee gave her a bonus and raised her wage.

Even though Paige was about to lose her faith, God had listened to her prayers and she received the daybreak, she discovers that God was always by her side. Paige´s Mom returned From the USA where she received her treatment for cancer and she was weak but cured of her disease, Paige established a relationship with Tony, and at the End of the day, sun was shining again over their lives.

●Who narrates the Story?:

The book begins and Ends with An omniscient narrator style, The Author tells and says almost everything that the Characters think and say or pray, but doesn´t appear in the story, in other cases the Narrator lets the character to speak in a direct style, for example: .“What are you doing?” Dawn looked toward Jeremy who was almost equally wet. He turned the spigot at the hose. “Cleaning up” .The phone rang as she slid the door open. She considered letting the machine answer, but what if it was her parents? “Hello”. .I´m Sam Jackson he didn´t tell you I was coming?

●State your understanding of the Story

This book is based in Patience, Love, Faith and thrusting God , those values are hard to apply because we want things in our own time, we question God’s plan, we ask “why,” in reading this book, I realized that I have been “waiting for daybreak” and know that when the time is right, the sun will rise! The subtle tones of faith and prayer captivate the reader into wanting to see God’s work in these characters.

●About the writer:

Kathryn Cushman, a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy, practiced as a pharmacist in Georgia, Tennessee, and California. She left her career to pursue her dream of writing; her first novel was A Promise to Remember. Kathryn and her family currently live in Santa Barbara, California

.●Personal opinion about the book:

After reading this book, I have the greatest respect now for pharmacists, and this book cemented my respect. I have no clue how they are able to interpret doctors’ handwriting. It looks like illegible scrawl done by a chicken sometimes and for the pharmacist to translate it into something that goes into a human body is just amazing. The story in this book involving the misinterpretation of medical drugs and dosage is a timely and important issue. It brings up the question about who is the one at fault? Is it the doctor who wrote down the wrong RX or is it the pharmacist who was merely following what the doctor wrote?

The conflict and competition between the two women was very well done. I kept finding myself disliking Clarissa throughout the entire books. Her entrance in the story garnered some sympathy but throughout the book her character just kept irritating me. Her lack of customer service was appalling, especially since she seemed not to care about what she was doing. On the other hand I liked Paige very much. I felt sorry for her and I wanted her to rise above what she was doing. Her customer service is what people need when they go to a small town pharmacy. She had incredible patience for the rude customers and handled them better than I ever could!

The only real problem I had with this book was I felt that if everyone had been upfront from the beginning, all the drama and problems in the story could have been avoided. Of course that means much of the story would have been eliminated then. It’s just sometimes I feel that the characters make things harder for themselves when they don’t divulge necessary information. With this story, if the two women had just told each other even just a little bit about their ambitions, they probably would have been good friends from the beginning and would try to help each other to succeed in what they really wanted. Overall, I liked the story very much. It was my first book by Kathryn Cushman.

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