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Vouch for Versace Essay

Essay Topic:

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Don’t let your clothing wear on your bank account (if you’re a teenager) ‘’ Young people spend too much money on clothes and are too often influenced by brands and designer labels’’ This is in fact the distressing reality my friends. You see how narrow-mindedly we teenagers are perceived. In actual fact at least 7 out of 10 people would agree with that statement. Unquestionably scandalous, isn’t it? Anyone who isn’t a teenager is entitled to spend ‘too much’ money on clothes, or rather, they won’t be deemed as the easily ‘influenced’ youth of today.

What is ‘too much’ money anyway, where is that line which, when crossed, says that you have spent too much on your clothes? I’ll tell you exactly where it is- nowhere. That line does not even exist as a fine line, and it just simply cannot be. Many people seem to forget that that it cannot exist due to the fact that we save up money with the intention of using it to buy clothes; I would hardly call that spending too much when that is in fact the only thing we desire to spend on.

I have to grant that many people agree with this statement on the valid basis that clothes are not as important as other things that teenagers should be spending their money on, such as school equipment and resources, community, sport and what not. Nonetheless most of that is and should be paid for by parents should it not?

After all since education is so vital and imperative shouldn’t your parents provide you with all the resources and equipment you require in order to do your greatest? On the other hand your parents may be paying for all that already, but they may also be funding your regular shopping sprees, especially for all you girls out there! All those accessories and make up products must come up to a hefty sum. Studies show that 68% of teenagers get their parents to pay for their outfits and extra apparel, 43% of these teenagers being girls. This study shows that teenagers obsession with designer labels and clothes in general seems to have had a knock on effect on their parents. Some may even wonder, ‘why do they actually need to dress different? ‘’

I’ll tell you why. We have been mobbed into society’s misconception of teenagers. In fact, we spend money on clothes in order to actually go against these stereotypes that we are time and again stapled with. Many of you would agree with me when I say that by spending money on clothes we are in fact expressing our individuality as young people. What else can we do to overcome these stereotypes that we are stuck with? As far as being ‘’often influenced by brands and designer labels’’, we do not just go for brands. We are young adults and we are aware of financial issues around us, so why would we waste money continuously to replace our clothes? Would it not be better to spend a fair bit of money on a designer brand that can assure you of its quality?

By purchasing designer labels and brands we are essentially saving money in the long run, after all do they not say quality over quantity- or in this case the cost. Just because we take a liking to designer labels does not necessarily mean that we are victims of celebrity peddling. Conversely many people agree that teenagers are most definitely influenced by designer labels and brands, and I agree with this quite a bit because it is in fact a truth, however they are not to blame. Many young people only wear designer brands because their friends are too. They wear it to, well, fit in I guess. Peer pressure plays a huge part in young people’s lives, such as you. You just want to fit in and not become that kid who has no sense of style don’t you? It segregates you; it shows the divide between the rich and the poor, and if you’re lucky it elevates your social status. Furthermore the other way teenagers such as yourselves are influenced into buying only the designer labels and brands is due to the relentless influence of celebrities who promote these labels and brands in order to generate money for themselves. Nowadays many young people have access to the latest fashion through all media.

You and many others can become victims of this celebrity peddling, and sooner or later you can become entangled in this fashion conscious loop. I mean, you’re always going to find something that’s more fashionable are you not? Obviously you’ll want to keep up with the latest style and inevitably you will eventually become a victim just like so many others before you. There is one thing that is a perk of being selective about your clothing. By being discerning about who you buy your clothes from you may just be doing something good. Just imagine, if you bought that t-shirt from Primark then how much would the poor young children who made that shirt after hard labour get paid? Exactly, you know they’ll get practically nothing. Yet by purchasing higher brand apparel you are in fact taking into consideration the ethical side of fashion. You may seem confused by that statement; however, there is an ethical side to everything, including clothes. Many people are picky about the clothes they buy because of religious reasons. Perhaps they need their clothes to be long and cover their body properly, who knows?

It is a likely possibility though that the reason that we teenagers spend a lot of money on clothes is simply because we need, not want them. Sad to say when asked 86 out of 100 people said that they strongly agreed that teenagers spent too much money on clothes even after being given the full picture as to why you pay so much attention and money on your clothing. One person actually said ‘’ Advertisers are exploiting young people and their desire to conform’’. Even after being told how some young people are actually paying these prices to prove to people that they are not conforming because of advertisers, rather, because of society and how they regard teenagers as a whole generation. This was all quite amusing actually, after all, who raised this ‘’Influenced’’ generation .Not me.

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