Voting System Essay

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Voting System

This chapter presents the background of the study, significance of the study, objectives and scope and limitations of the study. The background of the study contains the historical background of the software project from the macro point of view to micro point level of discussion; it also includes the significance of the study, which shows the importance and value of the study showing the possible benefits after the project development. Likewise, the objectives of the study present a narrative and concise explanation of what to be achieved in the research project and, finally, the scope and limitation contains the borderline limit or extent of the research. It also centers on the strengths, coverage and weaknesses of the research Background of the Study

A voting system or electoral system is a method by which voters make a choice between options, often in an election or on a policy referendum. A voting system enforces rules to ensure valid voting, and how votes are counted and aggregated to yield a final result. Common voting systems are majority rule, proportional representation or plurality voting with a number of variations and methods such as first-past-the-post or preferential voting. Source:

The Christian Grace School of Cavite used manual voting system in conducting Officer’s Voting System that is why it takes 1-2 days before they know who win in respective position. And they observe that the result of the votes is not reliable because they count the vote manually. That is why I want to create a system, a system that secured, reliable, valid, user friendly and accurate entitled “Officer’s Voting System” that will automatically compute the total votes and the winner in respective position. Objectives of the Study

This study is focused on the Development of Officer’s Voting System for Christian Grace School of Cavite at General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite. This Officer’s Voting System was designed to eliminate the work of the Teacher in selecting those officers through manual voting system.

Specifically, the project can:
a. Login within three attempts after three attempts the system will automatically terminate.
b. Have 2 level users account, Teacher/Administrator and Student, where Teacher has the power to view all the menus while the student can view certain menus.
c. Only Teacher/Administrator can add, update, and delete account.
d. Only Teacher/Administrator can add, and delete party list or candidate.
e. Student can choose whether he/she want to vote straight or vote by position.
f. If the student already voted, student can’t vote again.
g. Teacher/Administrator can see the partial vote.
h. Teacher/Administrator can see who won in respective position.
i. Teacher/Administrator can print the result; and
j. Teacher/Administrator can reset the candidate after the vote. Scope and Limitations
The Development of Officer’s Voting System for Christian Grace School of Cavite at General Mariano Alvarez, Cavite was made in Visual Studio 2008 and designs it in Adobe Photoshop Cs5 and this system will benefit both Teacher and Students of Christian Grace School of Cavite.

The system have Log In screen, the users only have three attempts. Main screen consist of 6 menus and this are the File, Maintenance, Help, Voting Area, Results and About Us. Only admin have the power to access all the menus while student can’t access certain menus like Maintenance and Results.

Only Admin can add, edit, and delete account. Admin can also add and delete party list/candidate and only admin has the power to reset the system when the voting is done. The power of the student is to vote only. If student done voting he/she can’t vote again.

Chapter 2
Conceptual Model of the Study
This part shows the graphical representation of the conceptual framework depicting the procedures that was undertaken from the conceptualization of the project up to the point where objects are met and conclusion are given.

IPO Model of the project below:

Figure 1 The IPO Model of the project development
Figure 1 shows the three stages of the project development. In First stage the system input and software requirements of the system is the user’s account, there are two users in my system the administrator which is the teacher and the user or the student. Second, the candidates, after the admin create student’s account they can register now as candidate for the respective position and last is the vote, students now can vote after all students done voting the system will produce an output that contains the winner’s and the total votes. In software requirements, a Windows 8 is the operating system, Microsoft Access 2003 for database and Adobe Photoshop CS5 for the design. Second stage of the project development is the process, the process of the creating the system are planning, data gathering, data analyzing, designing/coding, testing, editing, and implementation. Finally, the last process is the output, after all the students done voting the system automatically produce an output that contains all the winners in different position.

Development Strategy

The Project Development
The Christian Grace School of Cavite had slow process of Officer’s Voting System because they only used manual system in conducting the Officer’s voting and it takes 1-2 days before they know who win. That’s why I created this system to lessen the paper works and the time of counting the total votes.

A. The Existing System

Figure 1 The Flow Chart of Existing System
The Existing Voting system of the school is manual voting system. The entire candidates name is listed in the paper and during the voting time they will distribute the paper and the student will vote. After the entire student done voting, the teacher will count the total number of vote and they will determine now who win.

B. Proposed System

Figure 2 The Flow Chart of the proposed system under administrator account.

Figure 2 shows the flowchart of the Administrator. Administrator is one of the users of the system. Administrator has the power to manage the user’s account and candidate he/she can add, update, and delete account as well as in adding and deleting party list or candidates.

Figure 3 The Flow Chart of the proposed system under student account.

Figure 3 shows the functionality of student account; the student can’t access some menus like maintenance and result for the security purposes. The student is free to choose he/she can vote straight or vote by position. The student can vote once.


Figure 4 Waterfall Model of the Project Development

Figure 4 shows the development flow of the system project. In Planning stage, system flow, design, color and functionality was carefully plan. In the Data Gathering stage, interview was conducted and consulting to other related project was done. Moreover, analyzing stage on careful study on how to project will be executed and performed. Thus, it is a critical stage. Design/Coding, was edited in Adobe Photoshop CS5. In coding stage, Visual Studio version 2008 was utilize and its code was applied. Testing is the Fifth stage together with editing where debugging was done and functionality checked was completed. Finally, the implementation stage is the last application where the finished project was consulted to the client and presented to the panel members.

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