Voting and High School Essay

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Voting and High School

Background of the Study The era of computer system has spread very fast, wide and extreme conduct of required data. Voting System for the Central Board of Student High School Department in San Sebastian College Recoletos – Manila is still using the manual process, now the proponents are ready to change the free of manual using process. This study would help them with this attributes efficiency, convenience and security not just to the integrity of voting but also the protections of the high school student voters.

Based on DepED Order No. 79, s. 2009 Revised Standard Constitution and By-Laws of Supreme Student Governments in Secondary Schools signed by Secretary Jesli A. Lapus “ that the significant roe, and contributions of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in the school and in line with Students Government Program (SGP) of the Department of Education-Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (DepED-CSCA), the enclosed Revised Standard Constitution and By-Laws is hereby issued for implementation in all Secondary School.” Since the beginning of elections in San Sebastian College- Recoletos High School Department,there are different problems such as fraud ,cheating , and slow process of counting ballots and human errors which can’t be removed to the mind of the voters. But the proponents believe that those irregularities will not break the will and heart of a true sebastinian. Voting must be exercised freely, safely and intelligently within voting precints.

As in the present of how is the process of voting in the existing voting system works manually, manual election usually takes a long time before proclaiming the winning candidate while computerized election usually takes a short period of time before proclaiming the winning candidate. Voters will write the name of their chosen candidate in an piece of paper given by the committee and it will be placed inside a ballot box, At the end of the voting period, the assigned canvassers will count the votes manually and thus it result to human errors and slow process of tallying of votes, in order to pursue a secure and honest election, it is the function of the proponents to provide the students the means to credible system of election. Proponents define manual election as a system that counts votes using paper audits stored by a ballot box.

Objectives of the Study 1. The general objective of the study is to develop an automated based voting system for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. Specific Objectives 1. The main objective of this research is to develop automated based voting system for the San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 2. It will provide a faster and easy way to vote candidates during the voting season. 3. It will ease the pain of providing hundreds of ballots but this system will totally will remove the cost and effort of printing ballots. 4. It will secure the confidential information about the result of the last election. 5. To introduce an automated voting system for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 6. To provide a user friendly system for the high school students. 7. To employ a more organized and accurate way of electing a new board members for the high school department.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study The Proponents will develop a voting system that prepares a voting process for San Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department by creating a computer based voting system that will help the commissioners count the number of votes. 1. Voters can also see the pictures of the candidates while voting and because of that can easily identify to whom they will give their vote. 2. The System has a back-up system to save the number of votes. 3. It will only take 5 minutes for the students to vote to avoid wasting of time. 4. It has a log in security attempt limited for 3 times.

5. The proponents are planning to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to realize the goal. The coverage of this study is from June to Sept 2013. 6. The researchers limit the study to Sebastian College-Recoletos High School Department. 7. The candidates are not allowed to manipulate their number of votes; the election commissioners cannot alter the voting process. 8. This system has a delimitation that the users should know, the system doesn’t have a print out of ballots.

Definition of Terms Automation – process which involves the electronics and computer technology which the participation of human is less. Automated Voting System – A technology which is much faster and efficient more than the old voting system, it also involves the participation of information and communication technology individuals. Ballot – A tangible thing wherein the cast of votes writes here. Also exists in old voting/electoral process. Ballot Box – A tangible thing wherein the votes of the voters stores here for counting. Canvassers – An individual who canvass votes and plays a vital role in old voting system. Election Commission – In charge of overseeing the implementation of election procedures. Inquiry – process that has the aim of augmenting knowledge, resolving doubt, or solving a problem. Precincts – a table, place where you will vote.

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