Volvo Essay Topics

Employing Heuristics

A heuristic is an informal and usually a quick solution to a problem. These quick solutions or strategies are based on one’s experiences in dealing with problems and in things that are related to that problem. In can be represented by the idiomatic expression “rules of thumb’ or in simpler terms, common sense, educated guesses,… View Article

Volvo Car Coporation

Volvo Car Corporation is rewriting the rulebook on how the cars in the future will look with the 3CC prototype being unveiled to the public for the first time at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, October 12-14, 2004. From the outside, the Volvo 3CC has an iconic funky-cool tapered shape designed to make a… View Article

Volvo Cars

1) Why had Volvo lost its way in the years leading up to the takeover? Volvo started to manufacture and export cars to foreign countries since the mid-1950s. The company set up plants in Torslanda, Sweden, in 1964, followed by plants in Belgium and the Netherlands. Before Volvo was sold to Ford Motor Company in… View Article