Today there is an overwhelming need for help in health care settings like nursing homes, hospitals, and outpatient clinics because of the short staff.

Volunteering can be as simple as volunteering for 2 hours and helping to do paper work, check patients in , read letters to the patient.

There are many benefits to volunteering. Volunteering can help the individual grow and become knowledgeable in new skills they can then apply in school or in their professional career. The best way to get the community involved with the company is through volunteering and being there for support.

When you volunteer it will make you feel better health wise and also will help the patients feel better. For example, in a nursing home patient sometimes do not get visitors and really like it when someone takes the time to sit with them. Just seeing the patient smile can be a reward in itself.


What do you think of when someone mentions Volunteering? Giving up your time for a few hours? Helping out the community and those who need it? Do you know anyone personally who volunteers? Did you ever wonder what would happen if no one volunteered? Have you ever heard anyone say does it matter if I volunteer? Or I don’t have the time to volunteer? Volunteering is a selfless act where you give willingly your time to help those who need it, you are Putting their needs above your own.

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There are many organizations and ways to volunteer. When you volunteer you give back to the community and it can be as simple as 2 hours.

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Personal Experience

I volunteer in a nonprofit organization that helps those with hurts, habits and hang-ups. Volunteering has helped me to see how much addiction is out there and how it affects them and their family. By giving my time one night a week I have gained leadership skills I can use in my career, I also have learned how to listen and truly hear the individual. I have made some great friendships and also professional relationships that I can use in my career.

I have also volunteered in a nursing home that helped me acquire great skills I can use . My giving back I feel that I am helping my community to be a community that thrives on giving back.

Benefits to Volunteering

The individual can take their learning involvement at the organization and apply in school or job. The individual can also gain intensified job placement by obtaining applicable job knowledge and learning. Volunteering at a nursing home, hospital ,outpatient clinic or rehab is vital for individuals who are going into mental health field.(Bromnick, Horowitz, and Shepherd, September,2012 p.50) This gives the individual an opportunity to see if they truly want to work in the health field before committing to years of schooling.


American studies have shown that giving back by lending a hand will advance by large amount the students educational growth , their strengths and weaknesses, and a recognition of community duty. The individual also gains a better understanding of their capabilities; job connection with other professional and direct group.( Smith, Holmes ,Hask-Levnhol,Cnaan , Handy ,and Brudney, 2010, p.69).

Studies show that in America “50.4 % help out at a Emergency Service s, and 39.5% help out at the community activities like shelters.” (Smith, Holmes, Hask-Levenhol, Cnaan, Handy and Brudney, 2010,,pg.73).


The student can take what they learn volunteering and apply it in their classrooms and future job. The student can gain professional references they can put on their application. They can learn to work and solve problems together, they develop better communication on a professional level gain solutions to complex issues, and gives the individual better well -being.(Hamp,October,2014 pg.82)

Today there is a need for volunteers in the health care field , it can be as simple as transferring a patient from their room to therapy or give out ice. My question is What can you do personally to help? Can you spare a few hours once a week to help in the community?


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