Volunteer Recruitment For Homeless Veterans Service

In the meeting, our first idea that came to mind when speaking about how to publicly announce our services was social media. With social media, we would be able to communicate about our services not only globally, but locally. With media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we can show the public and our future clients what our association offers.

Method 2: Verbal Communication

The second idea was to actually get out there and speak face to face with clients. By physically advocating our association directly to the intended audience, it can allow the audience to spread awareness about the organization, which will spread the word about what we have to offer.

Method 3: Working with other parties

Lastly, we figured that working with other parties or associations that have similar services would be a good way to communicate about our services that we provide. Other organizations that help with homeless veterans like Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans (DCHV) Program which provides shelter to homeless veterans.

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If we were able to team up with this program, we could spread the awareness of our association. 2. Public Relations: Explain three methods you will use to communicate with the public to promote your organization1.

Attending Events

By attending local events, we can communicate to the public very easily about our organization and what we offer. For instance, by attending local fairs we can easily spread the word about our services, handing out flyers, publicly speaking, etc.

Go To Shelters

Going to a Homeless Veterans shelter is a very efficient way to speak about our services is a good way to publicly talk about our organization because we are going straight to the intended audience.

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With that being said, we can easily promote our services to the ones in need.


By going to the workplace of our volunteers, we can publicly talk about our organization and spread the word to others. By giving out flyers to the workers, they can voice the organization elsewhere, attracting a bigger audience.

Fundraising Plan

Explain three strategies you will use to raise funds1.


By going to events and fundraising, we can allow the public to see what we offer, along with showing how helpful and caring we are about making this organization happen.

Local Restaurants

By doing fundraisers at local restaurants, doing silent auctions, etc. Is a great way to fundraise, and get an audience to spread awareness about the organization. As for actually attending a fundraiser at a restaurant with a silent auction and live music, it is an absolute blast and I would totally be for doing one for this organization.


Doing fundraising at local fairs is a great way to get money because the public will be able to see what your organization is about, and what you provide. It is also efficient for fundraising because many organizations are also fundraising during this time.4. Staff & Volunteer Plan: Explain three strategies you will use to recruit staff and volunteers1.


Again, by attending events, we can actively voice our organization and services, along with looking for staff and volunteers.

Internet/Social medias

Using social media to look for staff and volunteers is a great idea, and it often spreads more quickly than going to events. With the device you have in your back pocket, you can easily look for jobs or volunteer.


Ads on places like Craigslist, or even your local cork board at a restaurant is a great way to search for help, in my opinion. By doing this, you are allowing local people to work locally instead of far out of the way.

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Volunteer Recruitment For Homeless Veterans Service

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