Volunteer and People Essay

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Volunteer and People

Nowadays people prefer to work freely in society for better community. Sometimes it can be very useful for them when they volunteer. Mostly, when people decide to do it, they don’t think about getting benefit, but they should benefit from volunteering if they can do. For many people volunteering means to work for people without getting money, however, it can give us other things instead of money. First of all, volunteering donates us with some experiences which will aid us to work well in future.

For example, someone decides to be a businessman and studies his career, in fact, most of the companies or organizations will not give a job to him/her because of his/her lack of practice. In this case, he/she should work as a volunteer for getting practice or experience until his/her experience will be good enough for these companies. At the same time ,if he/she has special skills, he/she can show to them during volunteering . As we know, 21st century is isolated people’s century because they don’t participate in any activities or other events, they only sit down in front of computer and cannot make friends.

As a result, they are isolated from the community, however, it has a solution which has connection with volunteering. The solution is to be a volunteer in some events in which we can find new friends. In most case, these friends show their life experiences to us and it helps our outlook to be broad. Some people claim that working without money doesn’t give anything except tiredness. According to their opinion, volunteers get too tired, but there are many things which are more important than resting or earning money as help to others.

Many people need our help, that’s why volunteering should be more important theme in community, and people should be induced to be a volunteer. In conclusion, volunteering has more benefits, because instead of sitting and doing nothing you help people. In addition, it can be a very good experience for you. As a result, helping people and making them happy can also make us happy. So, instead of wasting our time we should spend our time on voluntary work.

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