Volume Essay Topics

Hydrogen peroxide

Another way of putting this would be to say that if the concentration of the enzyme is increased there is more Catalase and so more active sites that can catalyse the substrate at one time, which means that the reaction rate would be higher leading to a faster rate of oxygen being produced. Also I… View Article

Cost, volume, and profit formulas

The cost-volume-profit analysis is a business tool which companies utilize in order to analyze the effects of changes on costs and volume in its profits. It has five major components namely, volume or level of activity, unit selling prices, variable cost per unit, total fixed cost, and sales mix. The volume of level of activity… View Article

Vitamin C content of food

Aim:To compare the vitamin C content of different fruits using the decolourisation of DCPIP from blue to clear as the indicator. •You first need to estimate the volume of a known concentration of vitamin C solution required to decolourise 2 cm3 of DCPIP solution. •Then you need to determine the volume of fruit juice that… View Article

Physical and chemical changes

Challenge #1 — The Penny Problem: The first challenge to complete is the Penny Problem. The radio station is giving the winner of this challenge a prize pack that includes tickets to see his or her favorite band in concert. To start off the challenge, the radio station has placed pennies in a cylindrical glass… View Article