VoIP software Technology For Bank Essay

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VoIP software Technology For Bank

Fifth Main bank could use a VoIP software suite such as Avaya to meet its phone and call center needs. The Avaya VoIP software would allow the bank to use their existing IP network to implement it and would help them get away from the old switch based network. The software would also allow them to see the status of the person they are trying to reach, as well as assist with call logging and warm transfers.

A concern with implementing this would be bandwidth. Adding that many IP based devices could bog down the system if it has low bandwidth. Another would be making sure each location is connected to the same network to easily transfer the calls. Another concern would be making sure all employees are trained on how to use the new system to its full potential. These concerns can be overcome by upgrading their current network capacity to increase bandwidth and get everyone on the same network. The new devices can be made effective by supplying training and manuals to employees to ensure it is being used correctly.

Adding this technology will mean the bank will need to increase their network security. They should already have pretty good security since they are a bank, but adding VoIP services will open new vulnerabilities that will need to be locked down.

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