Vodafone Essay Topics

Swot Analysis of Vodafone

Vodafone significantly enhanced its presence in the enterprise market and Cable & Wireless’ acquisition has been a strong catalyst. The group’s enterprise customers range from small-office-home-office (SoHo) businesses and small-to medium-sized enterprises (SME), through to large domestic and multi-national corporates (MNC). Vodafone caters to about 30 million mobile enterprise customers accounting for around 8% of… View Article

Situational Analysis

INTRODUCTION: Vodafone is one of the world’s leading company, which deals with telecommunication networking. The company provides its services all over the world with association and joint ventures with company’s subsidy (information from the company website). While talking about Vodafone in Australia, it has been made as joint venture with Hutchison and created a brand… View Article

Vodafone case questions

Suggested questions 1. What was the strategic and economic rational for Mannesmann’s acquisition of Organge? Did Mannesmann overpay for Orange? 2. Vodafone AirTouch proposed that each Mannesmann share would receive 53.7 Vodafone AirTouch shares, so that in aggregate Mannesmann shareholders would own 47.2% of the equity if the combined firm. a) Describe the stock swap…. View Article

Verizon Communications Mergers and Acquisitions

Verizon Wireless and Vodafone Vodafone Is a British telecommunications company headquartered in London. It is the world’s second largest mobile communications company with a total of 420 million wireless subscribers as of January 2014. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 21 countries and has partner networks in over 40 countries. Verizon Wireless, formerly known as… View Article