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VOD Services and Network Management

Video on demand allows the user more control of when and where they watch video content. This started the change from people viewing content on a tv with a set timetable on which programs are on to being able to watch whatever program they want at any time.

Video on demand has allowed for many companies to move their employee training over to internet-based learning environments. The ability to stream high quality video files over the internet means that companies are not relying on loaning expensive physical media to their employees.

The fact that this environment is internet-based means that it can be accessed anywhere allowing for mobile working.

Most VOD services are applications that run in a web browser rather than software that a user can download. Many services like Netflix have a web player in which the user can view content in their web browser without installing or maintaining software.

The function of network management


It is the role of a network administrator to configure new and existing network devices.

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The network manager’s job is to make sure that these devices are configured correctly and that they are secure.

Fault management

It is the network manager’s job to make sure that faults on the network are to a minimum. The network manager also needs to fix the faults that do happen quickly to reduce downtime.

Account management

It is the role of the network manager to set up the network accounts of all the users that are accessing the network.

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Whether that be email accounts or active directory user accounts, the network manager has to make sure that these accounts are setup correctly with all their relevant permissions applied.

Network throughput

The network manager needs to monitor the throughput of the network, this is because they need to see what devices are using the most network bandwidth. This will help the network manager to be able to plan upgrades and configuration changes in order to increase the performance of the network.

User response times

The network manager needs to make sure that they are responding to user’s querys quickly and resolving their problems. It is important that the user’s problems are fixed quickly as to reduce the amount of time that they are unable to use their devices.

Line Utilisation

It is important for the network manager to monitor the utilisation of network lines. This is to make sure that the network does not overload the line e.g. internet connection which would result in reduced performance.

Planning / Designing

It is the role of the network manager to plan the network in a way that it performs well while also being cost effective. The network manager also needs to make sure that the network is easy to maintain and that the appropriate documentation is made to allow others to work on the network if required. The network manager, depending on the network, may need to plan for fault tolerance if the network is used in an environment where it is critical that it does not fail.


It is important that the network manager installs new hardware to keep the network up to date. These hardware and software installations need to be done at a time that does not affect the users of the network. If the installation has to be done when users are using the network, then the there should be a backup device that the users use while the network manager is installing the mew hardware.


It is the role of the network manager to make sure that the security of the network is up to standard. Whether this is implementing password complexity policies for users or installing the latest updates and patches to network devices it is important that the network be as secure as possible.

Data logging

Data logging is important as it will allow the network manager to be able to diagnose faults quicker then not having data on the network. Data logging will tell the network manager the type and amount of traffic on the network and what users are using it at what times. There may also be other information gathered such as device names and operating system versions.

The goals of fault management

Fault management is necessary as business networks need to have high uptime in order for the business to keep working. The aim of fault management is reducing the amount of time that the business and its employees experience faults and downtime. The consequence of the network failing for a business is that important documents and devices cannot be accessed making the business inefficient in its operation.

The role of the network manager

The network manager’s role is to make sure that the security and performance of the network is up to standard. The security of the network is the network manager’s responsibility. They carry out routine performance management activities regularly as the business expects the network to be performing at a certain standard. If there was found to be security vulnerabilities that should have been patched but were not the network manager would have to answer to this as it is their responsibility. General monitoring of the network would also be the network manager’s responsibility as it is their role to see over the entire network and its performance

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