Vocabulary for Argumentative Writing Essay

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Vocabulary for Argumentative Writing

When we write an argumentative essay, our opinions carry more weight if we look at both sides of the issue. In other words, we acknowledge our opponents’ views but try to convince the reader that our own argument is stronger. Our essay would be extremely dull if we used the words supporters and opponents all the way through. Similarly, it would be unimpressive if we only used the verb say to refer to people’s opinions. The tables below contain lists of useful alternatives. Study them and then do the gap-fill task that follows.


Other ways to say that …
point out

Those in favor of …
Those opposed to …

Defenders of …
Critics of …

Advocates of …

Pro-… (e.g. Pro-abortionists)
Anti-… (e.g. Anti-abortionists)

Premise Indicator words
Conclusion indicator words
In view of
This is implied by
inasmuch as
in that
may be inferred from
seeing that
for the reason that
assuming that
as shown by
It follows that…
This shows that…
My conclusion is…
We may conclude…
It follows that…
It means that…
Implies that…
As a result …

Transitional Words
To Show:
Use these Expressions:

In addition, also, too, besides, equally important, furthermore, moreover, additionally, further

In the same way, likewise, similarly

Granted, naturally, of course

In contrast, however, instead, on the contrary, on the other hand, otherwise, nevertheless, still, yet

Of course, certainly, indeed, in fact, even so, truly

For example, for instance, as an illustration, a case in point, namely, specifically, to illustrate, in fact

In general, for the most part, as a general rule, on the whole, usually, typically

Result/Cause and Effect
As a result, consequently, hence, then, therefore, thus, accordingly, so, for this reason

Finally, in conclusion, in short, in summary, in brief, in the end, on the
whole, thus, in other words, therefore

Time sequence
Today, tomorrow, yesterday, once, now, then, eventually, meanwhile, subsequently, finally, first, second, third, afterwards, at last

Illustration Thus, for example, for instance, namely, to illustrate, in other words, in particular, specifically, such as. ContrastOn the contrary, contrarily, notwithstanding, but, however, nevertheless, in spite of, in contrast, yet, on one hand, on the other hand, rather, or, nor, conversely, at the same time, while this may be true. AdditionAnd, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance, however, thus, therefore, otherwise. TimeAfter, afterward, before, then, once, next, last, at last, at length, first, second, etc., at first, formerly, rarely, usually, another, finally, soon, meanwhile, at the same time, for a minute, hour, day, etc., during the morning, day, week, etc., most important, later, ordinarily, to begin with, afterwards, generally, in order to, subsequently, previously, in the meantime, immediately, eventually, concurrently, simultaneously. SpaceAt the left, at the right, in the center, on the side, along the edge, on top, below, beneath, under, around, above, over, straight ahead, at the top, at the bottom, surrounding, opposite, at the rear, at the front, in front of, beside, behind, next to, nearby, in the distance, beyond, in the forefront, in the foreground, within sight, out of sight, across, under, nearer, adjacent, in the background. Concession: Although, at any rate, at least, still, thought, even though, granted that, while it may be true, in spite of, of course. Similarly, likewise, in like fashion, in like manner, analogous to. EmphasisAbove all, indeed, truly, of course, certainly, surely, in fact, really, in truth, again, besides, also, furthermore, in addition. DetailsSpecifically, especially, in particular, to explain, to list, to enumerate, in detail, namely, including. ExamplesFor example, for instance, to illustrate, thus, in other words, as an illustration, in particular. Consequence Or Result
So that, with the result that, thus, consequently, hence, accordingly, for this reason, therefore, so, because, since, due to, as a result, in other words, then. SummaryTherefore, finally, consequently, thus, in short, in conclusion, in brief, as a result, accordingly. SuggestionFor this purpose, to this end, with this in mind, with this purpose in mind, therefore.

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