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Visualize This

1.Which projects would you recommend to VT? Why?
I would recommend VT for the housing design visualization projects. This is because the standard of living lives are increasing nowadays. People wish to enjoy in their life especially in their own home. They want a luxury and beautiful design in house. They will request to design their house in their favorite style such as England style, Victoria style, Japanese style and Italia style. The materials they use may also requested by the owner of the house.

People have no image about their house or just a blur image in their mind. People may confuse the arrangements in house. At this moment, they can find Visualize This to help them to design their dream house with using cutting edge technology. They can describe their own ideas to Visualize This to help them create a virtual reality home. After that they can first look whether their ideas suit for their dream house. They can change ideas if they felt the idea was not so good. They are able to change the style or design of their home before they start to furnish their home. They can decide the color of paint want to use, design and color of furniture and the way of decorate.

I think housing design might have demand in marketplace because people can prevent regret if they use Visualize This’s product before furnish house. If they furnish before planning, they will feel regret because the style maybe was not the one that in their mind. The cost of decorate house are very expensive and house cannot change style or design easily after furnished. Besides this, costs of a house also very expensive. They need to live in the house for many years or maybe a lifetime. So it is important to make a great plan before furnish the house so that people can live comfortable in their dream home.

Other than this, house developer will also need visualization service to let customers clear about their house design in order to attract customers buy their house. Some companies also need it as well. For example, company that build business center will also need visualization service to attract businessman to buy their outlet.

In conclusion, I recommend housing design visualization because it has many business opportunities in marketplace.

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