Visual distictive Essay

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Visual distictive

Composers use distinctively visual images to explore complex ideas. These ideas are what make the visual images distinctive or memorable. In the australian play Shoe Horn Sonata by john misto and the Vivian Bullwinkel story used distinctly visual techniques to highlight the past experiences during war. Both storys shared by two friends, Shelia and Birdie and Vivian and Betty. Through the use of powerful dialogue and threatric techniquies, both storys explore through their use of proof, the untold story of hundred and thousands of women imprisoned by the Japanese.

John Misto features the play around the flashbacks of birdie an army nurse and shelia a young girl both which were captured and sent to war camps. The Vivian Bullwinkle is set on the real time events of her past life also as a Australian army nurse and Betty one of Vivians patients. Through the failure of the military and government authorities, as well as the will to survive and the revelation of friendship and truth are outlined in these dramas. Both of these texts highlight the past experiences, during war and the consequences it can have.

In the play stage directions allow the readers to visualise exactly how the composer wants it to be performed. The reader is able to share their experiences, and feels engaged with Bridie. Misto uses photographic images, projected on a screen behind Bridie to support the dialogue. This allows the reader to feel included into the play, and creates an emotional impact by reminding us that although the play is fiction, the stories themselves are real, and real people who suffered in this way.

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