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Visual Arts Essay

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Every human being has a significant innate characteristic of being artistic in nature originating from his or her humanistic aspect. In this concept, every single individual has the ability to express him or herself through any form of artistic manifestations and on the other hand, also has the ability to view and recognize different forms of artistic expression. This idea is mainly because the very essence of existing as a human being is fully realizing their innate human behaviors of emotional manifestations and expression.

Thus, the concept of humanistic art form as a means of expressions and communication of expression is born. In the general course of humanistic art form, the aspect of visual arts commonly roused much enthusiasm and recognition. The aspect of visual art expression usually manifest in the style of appealing to the basic humanistic senses of the human society particularly the sense of sight wherein one uses a concrete way of expressing him or herself to the society.

In this form of artistic expression, the visual artist contemplate and transform his or her personal abstract emotions into a concrete form to captivate the interest and emotions of the public enabling them to realize the humanistic and artistic beauty in any chosen specific events. This concept commonly expressed in different fields such as through painting, music, theater, dance and others. In each of the mentioned visual art discipline, each one of them has their own mode of expression significantly characterized by the general theme of their respective discipline.

For the field of painting, visual artists use expression mediums such as the most common namely the oil painting wherein the artist use oil-based ink or dye to create an art piece. Another is through using watercolor, which is basically similar to the oil-based medium but only cheaper and more accessible. Other uses spray painting medium employing either or both of the previously mentioned mediums. In addition, another style that is common is using charcoal, which produces sketches of monochromatic color.

In this discipline, different mediums of expression are used to bearing similar elements of the said discipline namely color, shade, perspective, hue, contrast, texture, and others, which are all important in emphasizing the thematic aspect of the artwork. For the discipline of music, several styles are commonly used such as the classical that is in relation to the socio-cultural aspect. Another is the ballad or romantic theme, which is more focused on the emotional aspect of the art.

In addition, there is the discipline of the jazz and blues manifesting more on the emotional and smooth music for relaxation. In the modern discipline comes the rock music employing contemporary musical instruments and some traditional. In this field, the artistic impression is basically based on three general elements namely the pitch, rhythm, and quality. Pitch which is through melody and harmony, rhythm through meter and tempo, and sound quality through texture, dynamics, articulation, and timbre. For the drama or the theatrical visual art is presented in different styles or genre.

One of which is the musical theatre employing musical and dance elements in the presentation. Another is pantomime, which manifest in different forms and characteristic namely puppetry, slapstick and melodrama. Another is the tragedy, which presents the sorrowful and terrible events in a social icon’s life wherein the moral value of the experience is highlighted in the one. In addition, the drama also comes in the form of the opera, which is generally presented through singing. In this discipline, different important elements are used to create a thematic artistic presentation.

Some of these elements are the character, plot, theme, dialogue, convention, genre, audience, design, and the stagecraft or the props. The discipline of dance also has its own mediums of artistic expression namely the interpretative employing visual presentation with relative musical attributes. The folk dance which is related to traditional dance methods. The ballet dance, which is focused on the gracefulness of the expression to symbolize its theme. In addition, the modern dance which represents the present society and their contemporary culture.

In this discipline, artists employ several elements in their artistic expression namely the tempo or speed of the dance, the gracefulness or the texture of the movements, choreography, and the uniformity for group presentation. Thus, visual art is generally expression of humanistic emotions manifested through using different forms of disciplines. In each of these disciplines, the visual artists employ a particular style of mode of expression to emphasize the main theme or the particular idea of their artistic visual presentation thus capturing better the enthusiasm and emotional interest of their general audience.

In employing a particular mode of expression style, the target audience can also better understand and realize the main theme of the presented visual art through relating it to the discipline used and the particular expression style that is applied. Through applying the mentioned visual art elements, the aspect of communication between the artist and the general audience can be bridged significantly promoting the thematic expression between the two.


Levi, Albert & Smith, Ralph (1991). Art Education: Disciplines of Art Education, Context of Understanding. University of Illinois, USA. ISBN-10: 0252061853.

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