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Visual Arts Essay Examples

Lucian freud and the visual arts

...He succeeded in his art and always argued that paint could work as flesh. LIST OF REFERENCES. Benjamin Waiter, Harry Zohn, Hannah Arrendt, (1982) Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction; in Illuminations. New York: Schocken books. ISBN 0064301249 Danto, Arthur C. (2000) “The art world” Essay pub. ISBN 0520230027 Reynolds Joshua, (1971) seven discourses, 1778 menston, scolar press. ISBN 0854175466 Michael Woods: (1989) Art of the Western world, summit books. ISBN 0671670077 Lucian Freud, (1...

Visual Arts - Wenda Gu and Shayne Higson

...These pieces have calligraphies that he has once again created to challenge the notion of translation. The audience could easily misinterpret the characters as they are unreadable thus only shows the lack of cultural understanding. He uses script to give an idea of how he felt towards his cultural experiences through the importance of languages as it displays identity from individual’s style of writing. Chinese’s controlling tradition in art had shaped Wenda Gu’s concept of depicting ident...

The Lives and Works of Masters in Visual Arts

...* 1880- he left Brussels, determined to embark on a career in painting and eager to renew his ties on paintings and painters. * 1881- he returned home who now live in Etten, and started to work with enthusiasm. * 1882- he lived with sien and her child in his studio in Schenkweg 138, leading the life of a working man and feeling proud of his lowering of social positions which alienated him from his family and friends. * His notable works: Head of a Peasant, The Weavers, The Garden and the Parish ...

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