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When a Website Shows a Potential Customer Clearly

Visual Appeal

When a website shows a potential customer clearly and efficiently that the company is expert and up to date, the customer becomes confident and trustful in the services offered to the customer. The benefit of website is that it can be used as communication tool and it is a multipurpose medium.

This plays a key role in the improvement of brand impact and image. An internet site represents a private interaction with modern and capacity clients. However, its miles the design factors that could have a dramatic, if now not important impact, and which also can have an impact on the contents of a website.

An internet site carries a few critical elements that are prompted heavily by way of web design.

Regardless of the place of the website in commercial enterprise, it’s miles a vital element in making plans the web site for visual attraction, commonly known as the website’s look and sense. (Textbook page 461)

Elements of visual appeal:

  1. Colors – it’s the colors selected which need to be consistent with the logo or character of the business enterprise.

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    Colors may be used to rouse feelings on the web, so this have to be taken into justification when the palette is chosen. Easy colors on the eyes; a show of vibrant colors is tough to have a look at. There also are special types of coloration tips. (Sirghie, D 2019)

  2. Fonts – The fonts are a web site constructing block and ought to be readable. Fonts are used for showing statistics and additionally for transmitting feelings.

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    The fonts used for exclusive stages of textual content encompass the fundamentals of any internet site. (textbook page 461 & Sirghie, D 2019)

  3. White Space – If none or too little white area seems to disorder a web page, the gap between the factors is white space. Internet designers must attempt to easy, smooth to read and navigate the pages. (textbook page 463 & Sirghie, D 2019)
  4. Graphics – The graphs used to present the customers the right impression or records. Graphics can entertain, train or have an emotional impact, and are critical to emblem electricity, illustration readability and easy-to-use interfaces. (W3C, 2016 & textbook page 461)
  5. Multimedia – Similarly to textual content and photos, multimedia represents the internet site facility for streaming video, sounds or animations by means of the person’s browser. (Sirghie, D 2019)

Commercial Organization


This form of publicity appeal communicates the ability to recognize desires. The clean connection in this Lego internet site is that Lego facilitates children to imagine, resolve problems and paintings for the destiny. This changed into a part of a marketing campaign that protected similar housing and constructing snap shots from strategic play areas, Lego museums or faculties in which parents often take youngsters. (Middleton, A. 2018)


The Lego internet site is a colorful internet site which could enhance its visible look as youngsters or Lego enthusiasts can use this color to re-go to and purchase the internet site. The internet site fits the persona and logo of the employer as Lego can all be cartoons inside it and the colors of the website are consistent.

Fonts & White Space

The Lego website has used legible fonts to make it clear to customers. In the second picture Lego used matching fonts for the outline, but the fonts have extraordinary design and size, which is easier to understand and the phrases are large sufficient for site customers to understand. Lego fonts will be in bold while they are vital pieces. The crucial part inside the Lego internet site is the name of the subject: the authentic brand is used by Lego. In the description, Lego uses the ideal white space to split data.


The Lego used images to demonstrate the clear picture of the new Mickey Mouse sets. The advantages of the image are to become aware of the new sets and to buy them for the next collection.


Most of the multimedia on the Lego website appears in the children’s area, where animations and video are provided, as seen below. The advantage of this multimedia is that visitors engage more frequently on websites with multimedia content that leads to more time on the site, and that branding better represents children’s excitement to buy. (Sirghie, D 2019)

Governmental Organization



This website uses red, green and white colors on JAPEM, which are efficient because they are easy and can make the government organization feel. It improve their visual aspect as they choose the bright colors and with the white background. The red colors match the government organization JAPEM logo. The colors of this site are consistent.

Fonts and White Space

JAPEM uses easy-to-understand legible font and clear information. The fonts on JAPEM’s website match and JAPEM provide the small size to make it easy to read when the customers has a problem with the eye. It is all the same in size, but the heading only has a little larger for the important part that they emphasize. In the white space, JAPEM clearly and easily separates their elements.


JAPEM must also have a good quality for his images, JAPEM must upgrade their quality because the customer can look at the website in order to attract the visitors and they will automatically view the images when they are not good people, because the customer gets upset at times.


The multimedia that they use is the slideshow that display the activities of JAPEM. The advantage of this multimedia is higher enticing of the customers in which they are much more likely to engage with websites having multimedia content so that it will result in an elevated time at the website and it have higher illustration where they do the slide show that display the present day event they have got which the site customers omit the event, they can go to the internet site as a way to have the contemporary slideshow. (Sirghie, D 2019)

Non-profit Organization



The colors of the website are colorful. The contribution to improving visuals is effective, since the colors of the website can attract people and are excited to read and know SMARTER. The color of the website is consistent with the company’s logo and personality.


The SMARTER Brunei fonts are legible. Apart from the two groups, the fonts are the most unique, because SMARTER uses different font designs of various sizes with different color, even all of which are different, easy to understand, and therefore not match each other. The words are large, and the words are small. We can know that important information is important because they will have large fonts. They use this better for the white space because they separate the various elements.


It has clear pictures for the graphics with a cool heading and lovely images. The benefit is that visitors will visit the websites more interestingly.


The multimedia in this SMARTER Brunei is a slide show showing that many events and visits take place. This multimedia has advantages in knowing that people need to be open to autism. Be optimistic, positive, encourage and foster by creating more opportunities and empowering them by cultivating and creating options that include and nurture planning.

M1: Analyze how a selected website has been designed to meet the requirements of its target audience.

Commercial Organization


A segmentation shall determine the company to present customers or businesses into small organizations with a view to enhance products and advertising and marketing for numerous clients, primarily based on revenue, conduct, functions and age. (Qualtrics, 2019)

Demographic are first the preschoolers and essential faculty kids, the preschoolers 2 – 6 years would play with Lego Duplo. The ages five – 12 more likely to play with certified toys, play sets and sets of themes. Participants of families with rising incomes. Second, childless adults, higher expenditure capacity, millennials, more expenditure on entertainment and leisure, millennials, childless GEN X and Baby Boomers and rising quantity of families without youngsters. Finally, parents with fewer children have more money to spend on every children, lower birth rates and households on dual income with more income for playing. (Mallari, A, 2017)

Geographic, the LEGO group visitors are mainly visited by Ontario (31.9 per cent) and the United States (22.2 per cent), the main areas are Western Europe and North America, the United States still largest. (Mallari, A, 2017)

Psychological, Lego Mindstorms NXT is a collaboration with the MIT, the first Lega League event for younger humans aged from 9 – 16 years, brought at the Lego products school and encourages them in stem associated applications to participate actively and create in studying. Second, Children Fans of Movie Tie-Ins are first rate enthusiasts of a movie just launched, and now there’s the Lego set for them, they always appearance on their mother and father smartphones and tablets for their favorite characters, and they’re traumatic greater merchandise with a license. Third, nostalgic dad and mom present their children with Lego play sets, Lego toys and certified product multi-generational appeal and parents with youngsters. Lastly, they introduce to their children. Ultimately, nostalgic millenniums are very dependable to the Lego-licensed brands, Lego is an expensive product that most of people willing to spend money on, attaches loving reminiscences to characters as youngsters and accordingly indulge themselves with their spending. (Mallari, A, 2017)

Behavioral is the first energetic brand ambassador active in the Lego group sites, it participates in Lego tournaments. The LEGO ambassador program and LEGO community networks are shared images of its creation. Finally, consumers who are looking for entertainment are linked to their favorite media, mainly in content which is attractive and focused on their preferred content and products which satisfy their desires, (Mallari, A, 2017)

In conclusion, LEGO made its website visually attractive to satisfy the needs of the target audience by adding bright colors to its pages in order to attract children to its target market. LEGO’s website is also well structured because customers understand the target market easily. The website tells you about the latest sets of the slideshow, because customers are sensitized to the target audience. The LEGO website also gives children the entertainment, as the target group is creative for children.

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