Visual Aids for Language Teaching Essay

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Visual Aids for Language Teaching

The use of visual aids is important if a teacher really wants to do a great job, have more attractive classes and get better results from their students. Those aids are: the television which is entertaining and a good way for teaching, the radio a powerful appliance for improving the listening area, computers as a useful tool to study, and the video bins that make classes different, softly and let students to play and review the knowledge acquired. The television is a good way for teaching, the use of it makes the class more entertaining and it has different choices that teachers have successful classes.

Teachers can use the television to watch t. v programs when they need to teach vocabulary. Films are also a good option especially because you can use the subtitles, so the students will listen and read everything in the movie. Teachers also have the choice to watch news and soap operas with them, in this way they will bolster listening, vocabulary, idioms, and so on. Television offers many channels and things we as teachers have the opportunity to include in our classes making it different.

Another significant item teacher use in class is the radio. This appliance is very powerful if you want to see your students learn faster and improve their listening area. Playing music during classes make students to have a better hearing condition for English. Most teachers use their cd’s or USB where they have listening activities and some songs in order to help students learn songs, vocabulary and also analyze lyrics. In addition, we can use the radio programs to work on listening converting it in a dynamic method for the lesson.

This aid allows teachers take advantage from it so as to create a garish environment. Nowadays, technology is very important because it is part of our life; computers have become a useful tool for students as they are perfect for study wherever you want and at any time. Students can prepare documents like homework, extra class works, essays, and many others papers for their classes at the same time they step up their written skills. By using the computer they have the chance to use internet; here they can work on their listening, speaking and reading skills.

The internet provides multiple web sites, in which they can study, do exercises, read books, practice the pronunciation, and watch online movies and series where learners must listen to understand. Documentaries are also part of internet but they can rent it as well and watch it on the computer; in this form they will learn about a specific topic and listen to new vocabulary. Moreover, they can prepare power point presentations for expositions to make them more striking and cool.

This equipment has facilitated people life and it is part of our daily routine; so that’s why teenagers love it and use it as many time as they can without omitting how helpful it is for them when they need to study. Furthermore, we have the famous video bins, which are very useful in our classes. It is now a great aid that teachers like to use because it makes your class different and softly. In addition to that, video bin is a good option if you want your students to play and review knowledge.

Professors can present diagrams to explain new subjects, ppt presentations, videos related with those topics, and also photos that help students memorize the new words. Additionally, in those ppt presentations you as a teacher may include some games for your class, for example: who wants to be millionaire, jeopardy, educational torch, trivia, sing the song (karaoke), etc. Video bins are the latest visual aid use in class by teachers for the purpose of increase the quality of the lessons, given them another way to show/ explain students what they need to learn according to their plan.

The use of aids such as television, radio, computer and video bin transforms our classes in an amusement place where students raise their knowledge and teachers get better outcomes from them. These items help to teach, learn, study, play and review awareness in a different and successful manner. Students will find the lessons enjoyable, funny, easier, dynamic, more relaxing and meaningful. Teachers are going to see the excellent grades from the learners and the desires from students to learn everyday more and more.

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