Visions of War in Editha by William Dean Howells

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When talking about war, different people have different visions. Some people support that war is a way to peace while others hold a totally opposite opinion—- war is the ruin of peace. In William Dean Howells’ Editha, he wrote two kinds of totally different attitudes towards war. George, the fiancé of Editha hold a view that war breaks the peace of the world.

On the contrary, Editha regarded war as an honor and do not believe there is a peace in the world.

What’s more, she believed that a man should do something worthy to win her and a man should go to a war to prove he loves his own country. However, I totally disagree with her. Firstly, peace is in ruin once it runs to a war. War separates family and a country, paying a heavy cost that no one can afford. Secondly, in love, man can do something worthy to win a woman but not join a war.

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This is not a game which people can get rewards once they win. It is a war, a war that many people lose their lives in it and many family lose their loved one.

Thirdly, there are a lot of ways to prove a man love his country but not a war. In a word, Editha had a different attitude to war from me.

At the beginning of the story, Editha decided that she could not let George stay. She kissed George intensely and tell how she think of the war, “She kissed him back intensely and irrelevantly, as to their passion, and uttered from deep in her throat, ‘How glorious!”” (cite from Pg 125).

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