Visa Essay Topics

Student visas problem

Abstract American by no means is the world’s superpower. The country is very advanced in many aspects like education, technology, business and Research with prestigious learning institutions like the renowned Harvard University. For these reasons student across the globe strive to come to the US and get their education from here. In most cases the… View Article

Starbucks Card Duetto Visa

Abstract: In the very mature financial services industry, it is rare for a new financial product to garner much attention, let alone be named one of BusinessWeek’s outstanding products of the year. But what started as a way for Starbucks, a leading specialty coffee company, to add value to its existing Starbucks Card program developed… View Article

Foreign literature

Many students who come from other countries to study in the US wish to stay and work after graduation. This allows them to continue their exploration of a different culture, while at the same time develop professional experience that will further their careers. The following is an overview of employment options for foreign national students… View Article