Virus hunters Essay

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Virus hunters

Question 1:

1. Keeping professionals excited about work that is routine and standardized and chaotic is a major challenge for Vincent Weafer. How could he use technical, human, and conceptual skills to maintain an environment that encourages innovation and professionalism among the virus hunters?


1. Vincent Weafer’s involves following techniques that encourage innovation and professionalism among the virus hunters:

Firstly, he divided work into smaller and specialized groups to increase the coefficient of efficiency.

Secondly, to attain professionalism he focuses on efficiency by using technical skills that help the virus hunters recognize any virus with less time. He involves very smart and creative business model, which allows to keep working on the project without stopping. As the work keeps on moving and never stopped. When Santa Monica’s team finished, Tokyo’s coworkers took over, when Japanese team finishes this handed over to Dublin and then again back to Santa Monica.

Question 2

2. What management roles is Weafer playing as he:
(a) has weekly security briefing conference calls with co-workers around the globe, (b) assessed the feasibility of adding a new network security consulting service, and (c) keeps employees focused on the company’s commitments to customers?


Vincent plays following roles:

a) Vincent plays a role of an organizer in calling up weekly briefings with co-workers. These conference sessions help to set strong and trusting relationships with employees which might and will built a stable and safe-work environment where everyone could does his or her best to accomplish team target. b) He plays a role of decision maker and (or) planner by assessing the feasibility of installing a new network security consulting service. Vincent make a decision based one the study that has been done and here he is acting as a planner. He then also divides the work into groups and gives them tasks according to their specialization. c) Here Vincent plays a role of leader as he motivated his employees to focus on company’s liabilities to provide better security to the costumers.

Question 4

What could other managers learn from Vincent Weafer and Symantec’s approach?

Answer :

1) competitive advantage through efficiency.
2) Recognize problem areas and implement
Customer focus.

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