Virtues: Virtue and Better Place Essay

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Virtues: Virtue and Better Place

If people would adhere to virtues the world would be a better place. Living a virtues life means following moral qualities. Not living a virtuous life can lead to: untrustworthiness, unfairness and alarm. People can avoid negative experiences by following proper protocol. The world would be a better place if people live by the following virtues sincerity, justice and tranquility.

Sincerity is a moral quality that people should live by. The virtue sincerity teaches humans to be real and true. People been genuineness in their daily life can take them a long way that they just cannot imagine. Many would say that this is just for amusing individuals but it is not. Someone that does not live by staying real they can have a hard time been friendly and trusted. In some situations been someone who is sincere with others and people look up to that person then they will get bigger responsibilities. Remaining authentic can open many doors for humans, no matter what others say.

Righteousness is a virtue that humans do not see that often. Justice is to be fair and do what you are supposed to under any circumstance. When people are pressured by their friends they start to slack off. Growing up without doing what you are supposed to can lead humans to a life in jail and everyone running over them self’s. To be characterized with fair treatment makes people honorable human beings. Justice is that no matter whom it is people will treat each other equally.

Tranquility is a virtue that in many states is not considered or even done. Tranquility is that even in hard times you are always calm. Serenity will lead humans to many years of life because they will not be stress out. Several of people in the city are not relaxed and get stressed out for the modest thing. Individuals are tense because they have never seen someone peaceful who has achieved with excellent results their dreams. I do not mean to always be motionless but that no matter what individuals do not get out of control.

If humans would live by specific virtues like sincerity, justice and tranquility life would be a better place. Sincerity in humans’ life is a way of being real. Justice is to treat everyone equal with no special treatment. Health can be longer if just any day people can take things easy. If communities around the world followed sincerity, justice and tranquility the world would be advantageous and have world peace.

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