Virtues and Character Strengths

A human virtue that I find to be an essential property to life is guts. Some of the qualities of nerve is; bravery, determination, honesty, generosity, and zest. I believe that guts is an important virtue since there are numerous things in life that individuals have to go through every day where you need to be courageous to face. Being honest is an attributes of this virtue that implies an entire lot to me. If a person is not truthful, they will have a difficult time forming healthy relationships with anyone in life.

If you are wed, you need to have honesty between you and your partner, if not opportunities are you relationship won’t last. People likewise have to be sincere with not just other individuals however themselves too. Another particular that I find to be extremely crucial is generosity. Generosity is a really crucial characteristic due to the fact that you need to deal with individuals the way you wish to be treated.

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I believe it is reasonable to state that everybody wishes to be treated kindly and with regard. However if you do not consider that to other people you probably will not have it provided to you.

If a person contains these characterizes, they will probably live a fairly happy life, with healthy relationships. When I think about these characteristics in a person, I think about is my grandmother. She tried her best to live up to all of these characters and did it very well if I must say so.

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My grandmother had a huge heart. She cared for everyone and was always trying to help people or make them feel better. She was also very honest, to the point that it almost hurt. I can’t think of one time that my grandmother told a lie. I feel like in order for a person to be honest all the time, they have to have courage.

Sometimes you have to tell people things that they may not want to hear, or that may hurt them so you have to be courageous enough to tell them. I wish I had half of these characteristics that my grandmother had. When she passed away she had a whole lot of people present celebrating her life, and there was a lot of people that had nothing but good things HUMAN VIRTUES AND CHARACTER STRENGTHS 3 to say about her and how good of a person that she was. I wish I could be as courageous as my grad mother because she was truly great.

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Virtues and Character Strengths

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