Virginia Hamilton Essay

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Virginia Hamilton

Virginia Esther Hamilton was born on March 12, 1934 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She was the youngest of 5 children. She lived on a farm with her family ever since her grandfather Levi Perry was brought as a baby through the underground railroad. Virginia proved to be a wonderful learner, especially when it came to writing. She graduated as one of the best students from her high school. She then attended Antioch College, but soon decided to transfer to Ohio State University.

Virginia dreamed of becoming an author and decided to major in literature and creative writing. Virginia soon moved to New York in 1958 where she worked as a museum receptionist, cost accountant, and nightclub singer. Even while doing all these activities, she kept on trying to become an author. She began to study at the New School for Social Research. In 1960 met Arnold Adoff, a teacher who loved poetry. They soon married. Since Arnold could now make money for

them, Virginia kept her full attention on writing. However, her writing took a break when she gave birth to two children. Virginia and Arnold soon built their dream house back in Yellow Springs where they both focused on literature. Soon, Virginia became one of the most well known authors in the U. S. During her entire lifetime, she had published 41 extremely popular books. The genres of her books differed, but in them there was much feeling and emotion.

Some of her stories described the lives of African Americans. Virginia won many awards for youth literature. February 19th, 2002 was a sad day for America, as Virginia Esther Hamilton’s death had arrived. Breast cancer had done too much damage. However, the Hamilton family’s blood was still Virginia’s granddaughter Anaya Grace Adoff, was born on November 26, 2008 and is still living today. Virginia is still known as one of America’s most honored writers of children’s literature and will always be.

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