Violent Video games not the cause for youth violence Essay

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Violent Video games not the cause for youth violence

Violent video games and television shows has been the source of entertainment for years. Violent video games made its first appearance in the early 1970’s. In 1972 Sony released a very popular game, Call of Duty. This game series, gave many people, especially youth, aspirations to join the military. In 2004 Icon Productions released of the most realistic movies in history.

The movie Passion of The Christ depicted a very clear and precise way that people were treated in the older days. Many may argue these first two categories of violence were the booster seats of violence, but these violent video games and other entertainment outlets have little to do with contributing to youth violence. According to Jacob, 65% of youth today do not have the instinct to determine what is real and what not (Purdue.) Violent video games are positively used, they help kids prepare for the military, build self- esteem within themselves and gain heroic qualities, despite contrary beliefs that it generates bullying and family violence. One of the most played video game series is Call of Duty.

Call of Duty, used for military purposes. Americas Military use this game to stimulate fighting skills and to prepare their troops for battle. Lieutenant Johnson argued that fighting skills derived in this game may even protect them from mental stresses of combat (Holtz) The Military has really taken a hold of gaming technology. Call of Duty also in association with Modern warfare two has become a more effective tool for the Military than all other Army advertisements combined, according to MIT researchers (Holtz.) According to Pete Singer, mental horrors will prepare our people for war and kids who play these games will be more likely to grow up and go on to take on the world and protect the world. Video games sold in the United States made twenty one billion dollars just on violent video games.

It has been argued that violent video games are bloody and do not serve a purpose to youth. Violent video games bring many benefits. One happens to be increasing self-esteem. When kids play violent video games that involve having a multiplayer, they learn to work as a team and they tend to build self-esteem for themselves. They either learn how to follow and take directions or take the lead unselfishly (Purdue.) The media likes to blame violent video games for the aggression in youth. In a recent broadcast, violent video games have given youth heroic qualities. Two teenage brothers Colten and Luke were out late to purchase Grand Theft Auto V. On their way home from the store they witnessed 70 year old elderly man burning in his apartment building.

They quickly ran into the building and saved the man from burning. Colten and Luke are die hard grand theft auto fans and spend countless hours on the gaming system. The two did not run into the building to beat the elderly man and take all of his possessions, they saved him from the bottom of their hearts. This goes to show that violent video games do not create aggression in youth. It creates heroism.

Some causes of youth violence are because of the society within society. Bullying has led violence to another level. April 20th, 1999, the Columbine shooting at a High School located in Littleton, Colorado tool place. The two suspects were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. These two young men total of thirteen people and one of them was in fact an educator. A seventeen year study of seven hundred children from the ages of 16-22 had less than one hour of daily viewing of media violence, causing their involvement in aggressive acts to be at 5.7% (purdue) Dylan and Eric had little known source of violent video games and television shows.

Dylan and Eric were simply fed up with what they had been dealing with for years. Both were mentally and physically bullied at their local school and simply wanted revenge, so they planned for an attack. Exactly ten years later another catastrophic event took place on April 17th, 2011 with narcotics. The Seth Tyler Jackson case included one victim and six suspects. The young adults were not playing violent games like Grand Theft Auto or Halo or watching a violent movie such as Saw. The suspects were indeed smoking and using methamphetamine, a drug, which submerges the brain under a negative delusion. These types are not to blame on media violence, because violent games are used for good purposes.

Other factors are early childhood abuse. Adolescents that were raised in an abusive household have a greater risk or chance of growing up and taking on violent actions. Doctors with PhD’s often argue that media violence is the blame for aggression that is shown in children in this generation.

American Psychological Association studies have proven if a child sees his mother or father that they look up to beating someone they love, they will also think that it is right to do the same thing to other people when they become an adult. Statistics show that 70% of adolescents were brought up in abusive households, causing them to have violent intentions (purdue) Parents and Doctors argue that media violence has a negative effect on youth, but media violence has a positive effect on children. The factor that has a positive effect on children is, preparing them for combat like preparing them for the Military and creating a sense of self-esteem, team work and heroic qualities.

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