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Violence on Television is Harmful to Children Essay

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Violence is fast becoming a common theme in television shows of today. Series that involve cops and other branches of the police force are continually multiplying on air. For this reason, it is inevitable for kids to be able to watch these kinds of shows. They are exposed to violence at a young age and this has been proven to not have a very good effect on them. Effects of TV Violence Violence these days does not only pertain to heinous crimes happening outside the walls of the house.

Even beyond closed doors people are exposed to violence via the materials they read, the shows they see and listen to. Not only are adults exposed to these things, the children of the household are also exposed. These shows pose as a threat to their innocent minds. This is because their young minds might not be able to comprehend the reality from the show itself (TV Violence… , 2010). According to studies conducted, most households always have their television sets on from morning to late evening.

The worst part is that even children’s rooms have it’s own television set inside from which they may watch without the guidance of their parents. While watching TV violence does not make criminals out of children, findings show that the children who are often exposed to TV violence are those who fight kids at school or turn oyt to be bullies. The shows cloud children’s minds making them believe that bringing harm to others is not bad. It also makes the children believe that it is but natural for some people to become victims of bad habits or crimes (TV Violence…

, 2010). This is definitely not healthy. It can hinder the normal flow of their studies and may lead to early delinquency in the next school terms. Further studies analyzed,, indicated that the rate of children being exposed to violence on television shows have significantly increased in the in the last decade. From the year 1998 to this year. The statistics also indicated that about 10 percent of youth violence may be blamed on children being exposed to violence on television.

These findings support the thesis that violence on television can only lead to harm of the children’s minds (Violence in Media, 2003). The children are driven to act aggressively or violently because most of violent shows presented on television do not show the truth behind the violent acts. It does not give the effect of the action. For instance, the crime movies show the protagonist being a very good shooter even of innocent people.

Being a protagonist in the story, people commend his excellence in the field and neglect the reality that shooting people can cause lives and make the relatives of the victims aggrieved. Violent shows also do not imply how the law punishes the act. It only gives emphasis on the act itself and the machismo it can bring to the protagonist. More importantly, violence on television makes crimes look easier to be done than it really is. For these reasons, children are lured into emulating the actions despite the reality that they should not (Kaufman, 2004).

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