Violence in the revolutions Essay

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Violence in the revolutions

Why were the revolutions in France and Haiti more violent than the American Revolution? The comparison of violence in the revolutions of France, Haiti, and America are uniquely different. Each country had a different accomplishment, but the two that had the greatest barrier or amount of violence were France and Haiti. France in particular had a revolution due to the lack of governing in the country and the accumulation of frustration for a long period of time. Haiti fought their own revolution due to rage and bad treatment. Land owners throughout St. Dominique were harsh and very unfair when it came to workers income. Efforts to reform colonial tax policies and the diminishment of elected powers in colonial legislatures outraged the American population that was already accustomed to local autonomy during the American Revolution.

France’s revolution had been in the process for decades. Unlike America, France did not have a representative democracy and the treatment was far much more violent. Before the revolution, France was under a supreme monarch. French society was getting tired of the monarch and the fact that the church did not have to input taxes to the government. A large percentage of the French population was poor. This large mass had no way to afford a standard household, keep employment, or protect children. This unfairness with the monarch sent a rupture of rage throughout the country. Haiti on the other hand, had a whole different issue on their hands.

The Haitian Revolution was clearly fought due to disagreement of social laws and mistreatment. Saint Dominique, where the Haitian Revolution took place, had harsh punishments and poor living conditions in their environment. These harsh punishments and mistreatment was all because of the wealthy landowners and their low wages. With the slaves’ hatred of the unfair regime that oppressed them, and collected despair of the free people of color, there was no way to limit the violence once the control of the slave owners slipped.

Thanks to the innovative colonial tax policies and the diminishment of elected powers in American legislatures, the American Revolution was brought up and the population was enraged. Once began, the revolution had a century-long process of cultural and political changes in many parts of the globe. One unfair issue that also led to this significant change was that Britain, after being in debt from the French & Indian war, placed heavy taxes on Amerindian lands and persuaded colonists to increase the price of imperial defense and colonial administration.

By the time this revolution was ending, the power of these brutal monarchs had been limited by legislative constitutions; but most importantly, religion had lost its dominating wrath in western life. As explained, the violence issues with these revolutions were drastically significant in regions all over the world. Americans advocated their revolution to cut back on heavy taxes and erase the elected powers in their country. These motives weren’t as momentous as the reasons France and Haiti had their revolt. Every revolution was thought to have the same achievement, but different regions have different reasons to make a change in their lives.

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