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Violence in the Kite Runner Essay

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In The Kite Runner violence is one of the main themes; it shapes Amir’s life. The main type of violence is rape along with murder and abuse. When the Taliban arrived in Afghanistan violence became more relevant to all of the society. Some may think there was to much violence in the story, but without it I feel it would lack purpose. The first time Amir encounters a violent act is after the one of the biggest kite competitions. Hassan runs the last kite Amir catches up with him to retrieve the price.

Assef is the town bully he arrives at the kite with two of his friends and rapes Hassan.

Amirs saw what was happening to Hassan but choose not to help Hassan. Amir didn’t know that his choice was going to lead him to a life full of guilt. When Amir and his fathers are in a truck leaving Pakistan a guard attempts to rape one of the women.

Baba stops the guard which makes Amir regret his choice even more. After many violence free but guilt filled years in America Amir receives a call that he must come back. When he does he finds a way to redeem himself. Rahim tells him that Hassan and his wife Farzana had been murdered by the Taliban, and he must go n a journey to find their son Sohrab.

When Amir is told the Taliban took Sohrab he is furious. He is told to go to the Ghazi Stadium where he could find the Taliban leader. His taxi driver helps him set up a meeting with the leader. While they where at the soccer game two people; a women and a man where stoned to death on the filed by the Taliban. This event was very violent and made Amir relies how bad his “home” actually was. When Amir goes to meet the leader it turns out to be Assef from his childhood. Assef makes a deal with Amir to fight and see who gets Sohrab. When Amir is loosing he brutal fight Sohrab helps him by shooting Assef in the eyes with his slingshot. Later in the story you find out that Assef had been raping Sohrab like he had to Hassan.

Amir also experiences a violent event on his trip home to America with Sohrab. Amir found him lying in the bath tub full of blood, because Sohrab had cut his wrist trying to commit suicide. Amir teaches Sohrab to fly the kite like his father did. The kite strings are made of glass. They both enjoy flying the kites even though it bloodies your hands. In this book violence is used to improve the characters or to bring joy into your life.

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