Violence in Society: People Should not Blame Film Essay

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Violence in Society: People Should not Blame Film

Films are primarily present for entertainment. Yet, some critical thinkers, even those contributing to the existence of the film industry, would downplay some movies which, as they would accuse, contain a significant amount of violence. After reading Oliver Stone’s Memo to John Grisham: What’s Next – “A Movie Made Me Do It? ”, I believe that films contribute only a speck – or none at all – of violence to a person, as opposed to bad upbringing and influences during as early as a person’s childhood.

As Stone (2007) counter-argues, “15,000 hours of mostly violent TV programming might have had slightly more effect on these youngsters than two hours of Natural Born Killers” (n. p. ). He makes a great point in relation to who should be blamed for generating or contributing to societal violence. Well, I think that if critics would blame a single industry for their fair share of contribution to societal violence, then all other industries that seem to do the same should be criticized as well.

A link may exist between media violence and societal violence. However, this link may have been too overrated during the years, as many people believe that media violence – mostly in films, TV programs, and video games – causes societal violence. Some people would fail – whether purposely or not – to notice that people could pick up bad habits and influences as early as childhood. It is also heightened when alcohol and drug abuse are involved.

I believe that violence is existent in the world that people live in – even at the safety of their household. There is a significant amount of probability that such negative development would more likely occur if the household and its members bolster such influences. Seeing through this angle of the topic, I believe that John Grisham has wrongly accused Hollywood for influencing or contributing to societal violence.

Films like Natural Born Killers may excite its audience, but it would most likely stay at this level – there seems to be no reason for it to go beyond the level of entertainment. However, if a member of the audience is already psychologically deranged or distorted, the film could trigger a certain desire to unleash repressed emotions unto society; that is, if the person is under such condition or has been brought up under such repressive influences.

Hence, I could not see the link on how films like Natural Born Killers could even create a violent mentality or trigger violence on a normal person who has most likely led a normal life. Reference Stone, O. (2007, August 15). Memo to John Grisham: What’s Next – “A Movie Made Me Do It? ” Southeastern Louisiana University. Retrieved June 28, 2009, from http://www2. selu. edu/Academics/Faculty/scraig/stone. html.

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