Vinataba – Philip Morris Graduate Trainee Program Essay

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Vinataba – Philip Morris Graduate Trainee Program

About the program

Vinataba – Philip Morris Graduate Trainee Program aims to develop creative, talented and ambitious graduates, helping us to making our business growth ambition become a reality.
What we offer
Our Graduate Trainee Program offers a real exciting and fruitful development journey to help you as a fresh graduate build your general skills, professional skills and leadership. While you own your development journey, diversified learning approaches will be also offered to foster your career development. With real job assignments, you will be exposed to lots of world-class training workshops, cross-functional rotations, coaching sessions, mentoring chats and exposure opportunities to work in other countries. What we are looking for

* Vietnamese nationality
* University fresh graduates or graduates with maximum of 2 years working experience * Background in Economics / Commerce / Logistics / Business Management / Finance / Accounting / Marketing / IT is preferred * GPA (Grade Point Average) of minimum 7 out of 10 or equivalent * English fluency and computer literacy

* Passionate in Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods industry with Entrepreneurial Spirit, Courage, Clear and Constructive Communication, High Efficiency and strong Emotional Intelligence.
How to apply
* Obtain & complete Application Form made available at your University Career Center and/or University Portal * Submit application via email to [email protected] or send the hard-copy application to: Vinataba – Philip Morris Limited, Ho Chi Minh City Branch

Level 6 The Kumho Asiana Plaza
39 Le Duan – District 1 Ho Chi Minh City
* By no later than 28th February 2013. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
Note: – An Auto Reply Message will be sent to your email upon receipt of your application. If you do not receive this Auto Reply Message, please resend your application.

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