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VinaClean Organization Essay

Paper type: Essay
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VinaClean is a new environmental organization which has been just founded this year by Ms. Suzi Tran. Its goal is to stop the environment destruction in Vietnam from consumer disposing of household batteries in landfills. Since this firm is still very young, as a employer hired by the head, it is my duty to fill the current blank positions in the company which are Project Developer, Marketing Specialist. These positions were not chosen randomly but considering very carefully since they are the factors that determine the future of the organization.

A firm cannot develop and reach the goals without any strategy and projects, so we hired a Project Developer and we expect from him/her that the firm can expand the operations through the convincing projects in Hanoi. Marketing Specialist will be the one who implements and makes those projects become realizable. He/she is also expected to be the face of the organization and take part in every negotiation with other organizations.

These 2 positions are all confirmed by the head of VinaClean, Ms. Tran. Therefore this report was made for her and it consists two main sections: In the first section, the report will provide all the information of the recruiting and selecting process such as the use of relevant documentation; how employer implemented the selection process; the impact of legal, regulation and ethical considerations; and also my own reflection through the whole process as well. In the second section, the report will provide the head all the information and knowledge relevant to the difference between leadership and management; leadership styles comparison and how to motivate new staffs in order to be an effective leader.


Task 1.1 Relevant documentation to select and recruit the two new hire Before any position can be filled, we need to have a clear idea of requirement of that job. Without this information it is extreme difficult to decide what qualifications, experience and personal attributes might be required and to determine the appropriate salary level for it. Therefore, we must have a job analysis which consist a job description and a person specification for providing the needed information and assist employers in deciding on the most appropriate selection process.

Job description

In spite of the fact that some managers do not prefer job descriptions, it is extremely necessary in this case. Because after discussing with the head of the company, the position we were recruiting was very specific and every contents must be clear in order to create the job advertisement and recruit the right person.

Overall, all the things listed in the job descriptions are basic requirements from the people who will take these positions. Since the organization is just started, so the data system is just empty. In order to build that system, these new hires were required research and data analysis skill. Moreover, these new hires have been expected as future leaders so they are required to have at least University degree. Regarding to the Project Developer, he or she will work with a number of projects and due date, so timekeeping skill and time management were also mentioned.

Person specification

The reason why we must prepare this documentation was because we required a lot from the people who would be filled in these positions. The information and requirement regarding to education, qualification, training, experience personal attributes and competences were all included in the person specification. For instance, we require 6.0 IELTS for Marketing position and 5.5 for Project Developer because we have to cooperate with foreigners a lot. Regarding to the circumstances, both 2 positions need to own personal transportation; especially Marketing position is acquired to have a smartphone since VinaClean promotion is also applied on social networks. Having a smartphone is much convenience of managing organization’s Facebook pages.

Job advertisement

Base on the information from the job description and person specification, we designed the job advertisements for each position. They all contain the information of the organization; the job needs to be filled; the qualifications and experience; the reward. These advertisements must be very clear and specific so the target population would narrow itself down.

Application form

Although some managers believe that filling application form is a waste of time since we will soon have the CVs of the candidates. However, we cannot know which position he or she is going to apply if we do not ask them to provide the form. Therefore, application forms must be included in the profiles. These are the 4 main documents that we need to select and recruit the right people. Please check the Appendix for the documentary. Task 1.2 Access the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process. Before participating in the recruitment and selection process, we must consider about the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical issues since every business organization has to follow the Vietnam Labor Code and VinaClean is no exception.

Legal/regulatory issues

We have to take it extremely carefully with the job ads since it is very easy to get discriminating violation. According to Article 8, Vietnam Labor Code 2012, clause 1; discrimination by sex, race social class, marital status, belief, religion, discrimination against HIV sufferers, disabled people or against the reason for joining in the organizations are all banned. Everyone has the same right to participate and work for VinaClean if they wish to. Therefore, when a person who is suffering from fatal disease, or disabled, or pregnant or man/woman/gay/lesbian applies for the job, we cannot refuse them if they are met all the requirements of VinaClean. On the other hand, probation and duration regulatory can also influence our selection process. Following Article 27, Vietnam Labor Code, we have to provide at least 30 days for probation. Furthermore, the salary in probation must be at least 85% of the official salary and it must be agreed by 2 parties.

Overall, those 2 main laws obviously can cause impact on our selection process

Ethical considerations

Even the Labor Code is very clear about discrimination, it actually still happens in Vietnamese business environment. But in VinaClean, it occurs or not is still depending on the recruiter’s and director’s ethics. For example, if a pregnant woman applies for a position in VinaClean, we will consider a lot about employing her. What if she really needs to work, have income and she is able to take that job, we have no reason and even no right to refuse her. However, regarding to the business performance, what if one day she will give birth, and be unable to work right when the organization needs her. It absolutely can damage the operation of VinaClean. Therefore, we have to have consideration before choosing acting ethically or acting for the organization when this happens.

Task 1.3 Selection process report

Since no one in the firm was appropriate to fill those vacancies at that time, we decided to implement external recruitment and take responsibility of managing and organizing the whole process even advertising the recruitment program. Therefore, the selection process of VinaClean includes 5 following main steps:

1. Advertising the positions

Since the company is still not well-known yet, we had to get as much attention from the people as possible so that we could attract suitable candidates for those positions. Although we use the same job advertisement for all 2 jobs, different positions we must had to have various ways of advertising and where to post the ads. For example, we posted the marketing position ads on some marketing forum like clbmarketing.com, marketer.edu.vn. It was also posted in some popular job seeking centers such as vieclam24h.vn, mywork.vn, timviecnhanh.com; and even in some relevant magazines and local newspapers for example like the Resource & Environment

The candidates could apply for the jobs by handling the hard copy of their profile or sending an Email with all required documents attached to the recruiter Email address.

2. Dealing with responses to job advertisements.

After the due time of the recruiting process, we had to deal with a large number of responses. First of all, we could reduce this number by shortlisting. For instance, we would deny all the applications that do not include covering letter inside or Email without composing anything. Even the people who sent Email with unprofessional Email address (something is dummy instead of their own names) are also rejected. Obviously the applications which were over the due time were also unacceptable.

After shortlisting, we accessed every application and CV against key criteria in the person specification, defined that this candidate is appropriate for the position or not basing on the critical factors such as qualifications and experience.

After shortlisting and defining process, we got 6 candidates who would be invited for interviews.

3. Interviewing

Base on the job descriptions and person specifications, we prepared the most appropriate questions for interviewing, including the questions that can be used for any position and also some specific questions for each job (check the Appendix for the interview questions).

In regard to the Project Developer position, the 3 candidates applied for this position are quite different. The one named Khoi seems to be a “Theory Y worker” and has a lot of practical experience since he said that he does not like interruptions, being controlled and he loves to work in project development. During the interview, he has also shown his determination for this position by answering that he would work for VinaClean for free within 1 month in order to prove himself. On the other hand, the other named Ha has shown that he is a type of person who takes it seriously in studying rather than practical experience. He is graduated in Vietnam Commercial University and taking a master course in recent.

The third interviewee was a girl named Huong. She showed that she a type person who has a lot of new ideas when I asking for her ideas. However she is lack of experience since she could not answer some problem-solving questions. Overall, Khoi is the most appropriate one we are seeking since he has a lot of experience and he can self-motivate without being managed (according to McGregor’s Theory, a characteristic of Theory Y workers). Therefore, we certainly chose him to be the Project Developer of the organization.

In terms of the Marketing Specialist position, it was quite hard to make decision which one to choose since they are quite equal. Three of them showed that they are well trained in English, communication skills and experienced in Marketing field. When I asked them to present a trending advertising method in recent, the one named Dung gave a short presentation about ads in mobile applications. The other male candidate named Hoang showed how the QR Code applied in promoting, and the girl named Linh presented about Facebook advertising. Overall, they all did very well so I had to ask them to do one more test in order to make final decision.

4. Psychological testing

In the last test, we only asked them to do the MBTI questionnaire1 so we would be able to measure psychological type of each candidate and find out who is the most appropriate one.

Firstly, Dung was defined as a Duty Fulfiller (ISTJ), which means he is a typical type of introversion, thinking and judging so he might performance better in individual work than teamwork. Secondly, the man named Hoang got the result as The Idealist (INFP), also a typical introvert type. Lastly the girl named Linh got The Doer (ESTP), an ideal psychological type for a Marketing position. According to a book named “Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type” by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron, the characteristics of psychological types which has letter E(Extraversion), S(Sensing) and P(Perceiving) are very appropriate for a job related to Marketing or Sales position. Therefore, we decided to choose her to fill this position. (Check the Appendix for further information about MBTI)

5. Making provisional offers

Eventually, we reported to Ms. Tran. After she showed her consensus, we sent letters to successful applicants and also letters to the others to inform them were unsuccessful. Those are the 5 main steps in our recruiting and selecting process. In general, the process was well performed although there were several things need to be improved. Task 1.4 Evaluate our own contribution to the selection process of the new hires In order to performance better in the next selection process in the future, we must look back and evaluate what we have done in the last selection process. First of all, since we, the employers, are not in Marketing field so the process of advertising was not really good. All the promotion approaches we applied did not resulted as expected. For example, we should not have advertised on local newspapers since its cost was very expensive but not effective.

During the process of dealing with responses, we rejected all the applicants who do not have at least bachelor degrees, which mean we have limited ourselves with the people with high education and qualification. Actually, there are a lot of people who left universities but have a lot of practical experience which can help the organization perform even better than the ones we chose. Thus, next time, we will also give chances for these people. In regard to the interview process, we did well in the interviews with Project Developer candidates since we found the one we need without any further testing. However, we could not make a decision with just interviewing with the other position.

The problem was we did not prepare any additional test for more evaluations. That was the reason why we had to decide immediately to choose MBTI as the test for them to do. Lastly, we did a really bad thing when sending offers and rejections to the candidates in the same time. We should have waited for the confirmation from the successful candidates before sending rejections to the others. If the chosen candidates refused the offer then we would also lose the other choices since no one wants to be the second choice. Although the bad thing did not happen, we will always remember this.

Task 2.1 Skills and attributes Ms. Tran will need to be an effective leader In order to develop leadership skills, Ms. Tran will need to have the skills and attributes listed below. Some skill/attribute explanations are referenced to the article “Top 10 qualities that make a great leader” by Tanya Prive2: Ability to inspire

Sometime the workers cannot keep their performance as usual. They might feel down, tired, and unconcentrated which makes the productivity decreased. For instance, the Marketing Specialist has to talk with many people in order to convince them to host our drop boxes. Sometime, the people resolutely refuse or have bad attitude with her. It is Ms. Tran’s job to keep her away from bad feelings and inspire her so that she can maintain her performance.

Ability to delegate

Delegating task to appropriate worker is one of the most important skills Ms. Tran need to have when the organization grows. In order to do so, she must be able to not only identify strengths and weaknesses of every individual or team but also what they enjoy doing. In addition, Delegation is also about trust. Ms. Tran absolutely cannot achieve the organization’s goals all by herself.

Relationship building

As a leader, Ms. Tran must have good relationship with her followers. If not, sooner of later people will leave her. Moreover, she should also concern about the relationship between her workers as well. Sometime, inviting the team for meal or coffee should help the relationship becomes stronger, and try to have resolution quick when conflicts occur inside the team.

Communication/verbal skill

This skill is extremely important when Ms. Tran wants to describe clearly and succinctly what must be done. People would never follow and listen to a person who has poor verbal skill. Additionally, having excellent communication skill and confident speech will have the head gaining trust from people easier.


Seeing the leader works hard as other people is also a great motivation. If Ms. Tran comes to the office at 6am and leaves at 6am every day, she will not only earn the respect of her subordinates but also instill the same hard working energy among her staffs

Task 2.2 The differences between leadership and management in the context of VinaClean Since Ms. Tran is still unclear about the concept and differences between leadership and management, this part of the report will provide her an analysis of these two roles in the context of VinaClean. The differences mentioned below are referenced to the article “Leadership And Management: What Is The Difference?” by Steve Myers.


Since VinaClean has been just started, the new workers needs to be motivated and inspired to maintain the performance in long-term and achieve the goals

Based on the goal of the organization, management is to set up plans for achieving those

First ideas
A leader is always come first with new ideas. Therefore, the 2 new hires are required creative since they are expected to be future leaders

Do it again
Manager usually applies the same successful approach in the past and does it again.

When a report is handled over to the leaders, the staffs always wants to receive thanks. This is also recommended for Ms. Tran as a way of motivation in section

2.4 Seeking for faults
Managers want the reports must be perfect so he/she would find all the error caused in the report and ask subordinates for fixing it

Asking questions
A leader will not make decisions just by his/herself. Gathering opinions from followers is the things a good leader usually do.

Giving directions
A manager does not usually concerns about subordinates’ thinking. They often just giving order without considering.

Supporting followers
As the new hires, they are all need supported from higher position, that is Ms. Tran’s job to help them as leader

Expect support from subordinates
Managers often are abuse of power to force people to do his/her works, then expect to have good results.

Task 2.3 Leadership styles for different situations Ms. Tran might find herself in Depending on different circumstances, Ms. Tran would have various leadership styles to influence her people.

Visionary style (First described by Daniel Goleman, 2002)

Since the main goal of the organization is to help the community by stopping environment destruction, there will be a number of people supporting her. By sharing her view of the better place to live in the future, allowing followers to understand what they contribute is very important, the followers will become committed to make Ms. Tran’s vision come true. However, comparing to other styles, Visionary can be efficient most at the beginning of the organization

Coaching style (First described by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard, 1960s) The whole employment process of VinaClean is an example of Ms. Tran having this style. She defined clearly my roles and tasks as a recruiter, seeks my inputs and suggestions too. Although the last decision was made by her, there was a two-way communication between us. So with the purpose of improving performance and results, encouraging the new workers, Ms. Tran might have this leadership style. From my point of view, Ms. Tran can combine this style with Visionary to inspire the very first employees.

Delegating style (First described by Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard, 1960s) After a time when the staffs have proven themselves, gained trust from the head and willing to decide on their own works, Ms. Tran now can switch to Delegating style to turn over responsibility for problem solving and making decision to these followers. They would feel more flexible and comfortable while doing necessary tasks.

Affiliative style (First described by Daniel Goleman, 2002)

This is the best style to keep the harmony among followers and solve the problems when conflicts happen inside the organization. We cannot ensure that the firm can run smoothly without any relationship troubles, losing trust or low morale due to pressure. Moreover, when VinaClean restructures itself, Affiliative style will help the followers fit together quicker.

Situational style (Described by both Goleman and Blanchard)

Overall, those 4 leadership styles mentioned above are efficient in different circumstances. Therefore, by understanding Situational style of leadership, it allows Ms. Tran to change her leadership style as conditions warrant, not only the mentioned situations but also others since it is the combination between Goleman’s 6 styles and Blanchard’s 4 leadership styles.

Task 2.4 Ways Ms. Tran could motivate the new hires to achieve their objectives As the head of the organization, motivation is an extremely important factor for Ms. Tran to help the new hires achieving their goals. Thus this part will explain a number of approaches Ms. Tran could inspire her subordinates. Before the first day of work, Ms. Tran should have a meeting or a friendly interview with the 2 new hires so they would know more about the head of the organization. More importantly, Ms. Tran should discuss with them about the goal and show them that they are very important to the organization. In addition, it is a good motivation if she can show them that she cares by asking them for what they like, what they do not during the working hours.

Fundamentally, restricting the use of power on controlling the workers is also important to avoid demotivation and keep their performance, especially the one named Khoi. He has been defined as a “Theory Y worker” since he does not like being controlled or interrupted by managers. Giving him the right works, the tasks that he loves to do is enough for motivation. Regarding to financial motivators, monetary reward is a good thing to motivate most of people depending on different circumstances. Firstly, high salary can prevent the workers from turning over3. Ms. Tran was right when budgeting 15m VND per month per worker and 2m VND for other expenses at the beginning since this salary level is extreme high comparing to the average salary levels in Vietnam. According to Ms. Tran Phuong Thao4, a senior HR consultant from HRVietnam.com, normal consultant’s wage level is about 4m VND, manager’s 8m VND and director’s 15m VND.

Thus we can keep these 2 hires in long term. However, the number of 15m VND should be changed depending on the performance results. For example, Linh should have commission if she could convince at least 100 retail stores to host our battery drop boxes or get 5000 likes on our Facebook page within 1 month. Otherwise she will not get the bonus. So she would feel worth for what she has done for the organization and keep that performance, or she would feel like she needs to find a way to improve it if the results were not as expected. This approach can applied for both 2 new hires. Lastly, appreciation is also great motivator since employees also want to be appreciated and recognized for their works. The office of the organization should have a large notice board for not only sticking notifications but also acknowledge the work that everyone has dedicated and commend the team of their effort.


In brief, the report firstly has provided the details of completed selection, selection and retention procedures. We has hires 2 new worker without finding ourselves in legal or ethical issues. They are met all the requirement of Ms. Suzi Tran, and own appropriate attributes in order to be potential leaders in the future. On the other hand, the report also provided the head all information and analysis relevant to leadership and motivation that she needs to become an efficient leader.


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Victor, J., 2009. 2009 Employee Job Satisfaction, Alexandria: Society for Human Resources Management.

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