Vikings Legacy Essay

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Vikings Legacy

The Vikings traveled over and beyond Europe in their prime. They a most known for their ruthless pillaging of European towns however they were a quite advanced society that left a lasting impact on the places they encountered. The Viking Age impacted the areas which it reached through their organized raiding of European villages, their economically strong trading industry, and their advanced sailing and navigation skills.

The Vikings are widely known for their successful raiding of northern coastal communities and with good reason. They used successful tactics to ensure the outcome of their raids. The raids were well planned out ahead of time and organized in a manner in which the attack would happen too suddenly for any substantial defense to form. The Vikings were able to loot villages for their wealth and resources easily. In consequence they left much destruction and established a lasting impression of themselves as barbarians. A positive outcome of their raids included the fact that they resulted in interaction between cultures. Their expeditions took them to faraway places and the Vikings were able to create detailed maps of the area they traveled and eventually establish a trade industry.

As mentioned before, their travels displayed their skill and proved the Vikings had to potential to be a highly successful and advanced society. On several occasions, they established peaceful trading relationships with civilizations. One example is the Byzantine Empire. Because of Constantinople’s ideal location and access to a variety of goods, the Vikings engaged in constant trade with the empire. They also played a role in protecting the waters around Constantinople. The Vikings left an impact of European cultures by integrating them into trade with the Byzantine Empire. Along with goods, ideas, cultures, and religions spread to Europeans as a result of the Vikings and their trade industry.

The Vikings were master sailors. Their boats could sail in shallow water and dock right on a beach increasing the speed of their attacks. Not only did this maritime technology help them with their missions, but it also introduced new technology to the areas in which the Vikings traveled to. They Vikings were excellent in the mapping and charting of the areas to which they sailed. The Vikings left an impact through their advanced navigation and seafaring techniques. The Vikings impacted Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Northern Atlanticthrough their organized military raids, their successful trading industry, and their advanced seafaring skills.

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