Vietnam War in Book "The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah

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The book I read was called The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. It’s about this vietnam prisoner of war and how his family goes completely off the grid. It’ talks about how the war changed his life and how it affected his life. In this book it talks about how the war affected his life and the job choices he decides on. He decides to move to Alaska and his wife will follow him into the unknown of the great Alaskan wilderness because his wife is so passionate about him and loves him so much.

This decision could be the answer to all there prayers or it could cost in the end.

This prison of war changed his life. He comes home and he feels violated cuz he was beaten so bad after he was captured. When the vietnam war is over and he comes home and he gets back into life and gets a job. He then loses that job and he gets a flashback of being in the war and so he has to make a huge decision to stay or move his whole family to Alaska.

He makes the decision to move his whole family and so they do and they get to Alaska and it’s not so bad but they find out it might be a lot tougher than they think.

They move to Alaska and they get there and they find out that it’s a lot tougher than they thought it would be.

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They aren’t use to the wilderness and the wild animals that Alaska has up there. The wilderness can come back and bite them and not only that they are completely off the grid and they are truly in the Alaska frontier. This book takes place in 1974 a year before the vietnam war ended in 1975. The family buys a small little cabin out in the great alaska and is having a fun time up there in there new little cabin that is there home.

The great alaska is known to make people vanish or disappear and in this book will take a turn for the worst when the( POW) prisoner of war disappears from his wife and his thirteen year old girl. When they moved to alaska they met some really strong men and women which they thought was normal but the men and women weren’t normal. As the longer they live the more time they get to get use to the wilderness of alaska. As they live there longer and longer they are starting to settle in. Then night falls and they really find out the true depths of the alaskan wilderness and the wild animals up there in alaska.

As they find out the truth if the wilderness the prison of war or the father of the family starts to have more flashbacks of what happened and what he did to survive the vietnam war. As the night went on the father of the family is still having flashbacks to the vietnam war and the wife wakes him up and tries to calm him down and she does for the rest of the night. They decide to go into the small town of people to get some supplies and they do and they meet people to get aqantited and they leave to head back to there small cabin. The night falls once again but only this time the father of the family is found outside on the porch holding a gun to his head and his wife wakes him up and he looks around to see his wife standing there holding his hand. His wife takes the gun away from him and they go back inside and they go back to bed and nothing else happens that night. The father wakes up and apologizes to his wife and saids I never want you to see me like that again.

These flashbacks are affecting their relationship as a married couple but his wife is so dedicated and loves him so much that she will follow him anywhere and will help him in anyway she can. She will soon find out that she can’t help him and will find someone who can help him with his vietnam war flashbacks but there is no one who can help him so he was own his own for help. As people try to help him with his flashbacks they find out that it is only making his flashbacks worse than they already are. She tries going to the people in town to see if they can help or if they know anyone who experienced the same thing. She found no one in the town that could help her husband with his vietnam war flashbacks so she did the best she could. All of these flashbacks is tearing the married couple apart because she can’t help her husband and she knows that his mental mind state isn’t good right now and she is angry at herself that she can’t do anything about it and that no one in the town can help him. This is affecting their relationship and there thirteen year old daughter is starting to notice it.

The father who served in the vietnam war decides to go into the small town before it got dark so he does and he leaves his wife and daughter at home. The father said that he would be back in a few hours but it’s been more than a few hours and this worried the wife. The thoughts started coming into her mind like what if he committed suicide somewhere that they don’t know or shot himself somewhere off the beaten path that no one could find him. She was about to get ready to go to bed when she heard a noise moving out in the snow and saw footprints in the deep snow. She got a flashlight and went out and saw her husband standing out in the deep snow talking to himself and talking about the vietnam war and how the japs killed his friends and how he wants to join his comrades who are dead and that is where he belongs because his friend sacrificed his life to save his. The book really doesn’t tell if he kills himself all the book saids is that he disappears and leaves his family out in the alaskan wilderness all by themselves and that they never see him again and that’s all the book saids. The wife and the thirteen year old daughter never see him again.

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