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Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam War

The film shows the importance of having an army that is well equipped and knows what their enemy has for troops and artillery. This battle at the La Drang Valley is important to the rest of the Vietnam War because this is where helicopter-based. The air mobile operations helped the U. S army because it was able to bring soldiers and supplies into the combat zone. Without these helicopters and supplies the soldiers that were at the combat zone would not have stood a chance against the Viet Cong army.

Film stayed as close to the historical truth as possible. The names and events that are in the movie match with the true events that occurred during the war. Some minor details in the film slanted from the reality, requirement of the commercial movies. Major part of the movie is critical in depicting the war time events to as close as possible. It gives profound knowledge of the historic war, thus contributing to the nation as a source of knowledge.

The film We Were Soldiers is not an invention of historical truth but actually a history movie that enables new generations to view the war visually that happened in Vietnam. The visual graphics of the movie are outstanding and it is simply remarkable how they are able to make things look so real. The plot of the movie is wisely done. There were numerous short scenes in this section of the movie that were both fascinating and gave life to it. It is based on fact and shows the facts very well.

Although there is some fiction in this film it is not a faction, or combination of truth and fiction. The film is true but with certain Hollywood aspects which you will get in most movies. Although the Vietnam War was a very controversial war this was not portrayed as much as it should have been in the movie. The film shows very little insight into the public’s attitude regarding war with northern Vietnam. Even though this was the first battle in Vietnam they were no opinions expressed by the public in this film.

The only hint of what the public thought about the war was with the soldier’s wives that were home, and they shared biased thoughts because their husbands were fighting in the war so obviously they thought that it was an unnecessary war. This film gave us insight into the beliefs of the united states government as they were at war because of their beliefs that communism was bad, and all communists nations had to be dealt with and punished for they wrong doings and be made into democratic nations.

It showed that the military would send troops into battle being outnumbered just to make a country do what the United States wanted it to do. This film was inspired by the book We Were Soldiers Once…And Young, written by Harold G. Moore. Moore was the Lt. General at the battle of The La Drang Valley. He wrote this book about the battle that took place there and has interviews with soldiers from both sides about the battle. He also talks about the importance of the helicopters role in bringing men into battle and how this would play a huge part in the rest of the war in Vietnam.

The book was the basis for the historical relevance of the movie. The film got most of its information about what really happened at the battle zone through the book as it was written from the commanding officer at the battle and interviews were taken from soldiers that were there and fought and witnessed what was going on first hand. The battle at the La Drang Valley shows us insight into what further battles in Vietnam would look like and what the American military would have to do to be victorious in Vietnam.

The film We Were Soldiers shows us this in a first hand experience. It takes us to the actual battlefield and shows us the hardship and defeat that the American soldiers had to go through to stay alive and defeat the Vietnam army. This film is very important to this generation and the next generations to come as is shows close detail of the first battle of the Vietnam War.

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