Video Games Behavior Effects on Male Children Essay

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Video Games Behavior Effects on Male Children

There has been many diverse studies on whether video games effect children in a negative or positive in their behavior. Parents say that its a way for children to escape from their stress and by playing video games its an opportunity to see the real world in a form. On the other hand other parents believe that its a negative response on their behavior, by violence in the games it is encouraging children to behave in an inappropriate form. From all the studies done by researchers prove video games do have both positive and negative behavioral effects on male children, as well as causing neurological behavior changes.

Video games have a positive behavior effects one of them being building self esteem. Children who have psychological problems have low self confidence, in result have problems being able to socialize with other children. Once a child has played video games they have a sense of belonging and feel useful in life. This is a chance for a child to make friends without them being shy or be judged by their psychological problems. By video games increasing their self- confidence they are going to overcome their shyness and problems before they know it. Once they are confident enough they can use the confidence to make friends at school. The child will have have new opportunities with their new self confidence that they will be able to start a new beginning, having a social life, having a positive attitude, and feeling of being accepted. (Oaks, 2000-2009)

Releasing stress, anger any other negative emotion can be relieved by playing video games for children. It is a way for them to be able to release their emotions in a way that won’t harm anyone. In certain video games there’s opportunity to have conversation with other players by a headset and form team together and not needing to see the other teammates in person. By forming teams children can they work together as a team, and the child is able to relieve all his negative emotions toward focusing on winning that level of the video game. (Oak, 2000-2009)

Furthermore, most video games have violence causing the child to have a aggression behavior. Once a the child starts getting a aggressive behavior he start to act aggressive toward other, become to have a negative attitude and become violent in certain situations. According to the General Aggression Model cognitions, emotions, and physical arousals are influenced by the aggression children get when they play video games. It also stated that there is a long term aggression effect which is when the video game has insufficient aggression. The child may be aggressive at that moment because of the physical arousal, but after the game is over the aggressiveness does not proceed me to the rest of his day or life. On the other hand if the video game has sufficient aggression and the child is continually playing it, it can cause the child to become aggressive. ( Kooijmans, 2004)

Another negative behavioral effect is hostility. A male child feels that he is denial from the world and that turns into anger. Violent video games causes this by influencing that child that anger is fine is life and its okay to live with it. If the male child is hostile then he will not be able to socialize and become violent. Through different research males who are hostile tend to get into physical fights as well as argument with teachers. They tend to play video games thirteen hours per week. (Gentilea, 2004)

Video games cause neurological behavior changes in children. In a study positron emission tomography scans (PET), were used to prove that stratal dopamine increased while children played video games. Dopamine is believed to be a change of behavior by increasing the emotional arousal. In any point in can lead to an addiction to video games just to get that pleasure. They used eight males by having them play video games for fifty minutes. They binded together the raclopride and dopamine receptors in the straital. In result, researchers found in the scan that dopamine increased and the dopamine receptors that binder to the raclopride receptors decreased. Researchers were able to conclude that video games, being a behavioral task, can manipulate children’s behavior as well as the dopamine release. The increase release was an emotional arousal that was almost for example like adrenaline, a rush and can not get enough of it. (Bench, 1998)

Another study used forty four adolescents starting from age thirteen to fourteen. Dr. Vincent Mathew separated them into two groups. One group played a violent combat video game and the other group played a non-violent video racing game for thirty minutes. The study showed that those who played the violent game increased the amyg- dalae, which produces emotional arousal as well as pleasure. On the other hand it decreased the activity of the pre-frontal area, which enables the ability to be able to control, focus, and concentrate. Those who played the non-violent video game produced a significantly increase in the amyg- dalae but not as much as the other group, but their pre-frontal area did not decrease as much. It proved that the increase in emotional arousal, was the consequence of excessive dopamine. (American School Board Journal, 2007).

In conclusion, video games have have positive, negative as well as neurological effects on male children. Video games can help a male child socialize himself in the world by communicating with other people in the vital world of video games. On the other hand it can lead a child to aggression and hostile. With all the research done video games do have an effect on male children.

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