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Video games are healthy? Essay

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“A nationally representative study found that the average American 8-to-18 years old plays video games for an average of 13.2 hours a week.” (Price-Mitchell, Marilyn) Can you believe that most teens spend that amount of time playing video games, which is more than the average civilian spends eating and drinking every week. Many people have heard, that some video games are developed in order to exercise your brain, but it is true that close to all video games have some sort of brain enhancing diagnostics.

There are many things you can learn from video games. Video games are healthy for you because they can strengthen your brain activity with lots of concentration and problem solving skill. Also their ability to create a healthy mental state along with improved hand-eye coordination. Video games are an excellent way to blow off steam and just let it all out, but many people do not think about all the work that goes into playing video games.

No, I am not talking about all the people that develop video games and mass produce them. Instead I am talking about the activity that your brain goes through on a daily basis when you play video games. “Video games can change your brain and it is a lot like exercise, because you constantly concentrating and also rewarding your brain with surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine.” (Positive and Negative). Dopamine is something that sends signals from one nerve to another. It has many effects on your movement, attention, mood, learning ability and many other things. On another note, some skills needed to succeed in video games are abstract and high level thinking, which is not taught in schools. A lot of games help with following instructions and problem solving, but they can also help with you physical hand-eye coordination. Although this evidence proves that video games are healthy for your brain, many people still have their doubts about the virtual reality.

Video games can also be harmful to your physical wellbeing, some of these attributes include carpal tunnel syndrome, sleep disturbances, and migraines. Video games can also become an addiction. There are two major types of addiction to video games, single player and multiplayer. Single player is the addiction of trying to complete a certain goal or beat a high score. Multiplayer is addictive because they have no ending and they feel more accepted with their online friends. Other factors that involve addiction can relate to poor grades in school and depression. Some studies say that pathological gamers suffer in social situations, they have impulsiveness and anxiety as well. There are many other surprising ways that video games can help our brain. There are many different types of video games, and each game has a specific goal to reach. Certain games like role playing games let you do basically what you want, but you are supposed to finish certain tasks pertaining to the main quest. Just this simple game can attain to following instruction, problem solving, and abstract thinking.

Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are the first person shooter, which involves an exceptional of hand-eye coordination. These games can astronomically improve your physical skills, but they also can heighten your eye sight. Video games can also you slow down the aging process of your brain. “Playing brain-teasing game for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process” (Guarini, Drew). A certain study showed that just playing video games for a couple hours a week can actually slow down the decline of thinking skills by up to several years. Video games can slow down the aging process because, it is relatively exercise for your brain. It is the same as if you went for a walk every day, you learn that later in life your physical state does not wear down so quickly. Although video games can fight old age and can make you happy when you are sad, there are many other reasons why experts say video games are great for you mental state and hand-eye coordination. There are hundreds of ways video games can be a magnificent tool for your mental and physical capabilities.

One example is for stroke victims the road to recovery could not be such a grueling process if they play video games for a couple hours a week. Supposedly it can help them recover faster. This study where there are 2 groups of stroke victims. One group does not play video games at all, and the other group plays for a couple hours a week. “While both groups showed improvement in things like grip, only the video game group continued to show improvement in hand strength after the treatment. The video gamers not only performed double the number of arm movements during each session, their movements were “goal-directed” and not merely repetitive exercises.” (Guarini, Drew). This is actual proof that video games can exercise your brain enough to recover from injuries, and improve you mental state of mind. Video games can exponentially improve your mental state, but they also can affect how good your hand-eye coordination is. Hand-eye coordination is one of the many skills needed to complete certain tasks throughout the day. It is especially supportive for people that need great precision with their hands.

“Many studies with adults showing that experience with video games it related to better surgical skills. Also, a reason given by experts as to why fighter pilots of today are more skillful is that this generation’s pilots are being weaned on video games.” (Positive and Negative). There are millions of jobs that involve good hand-eye coordination, any sport for example would be something that you need great hand-eye coordination. A sport like hockey needs excellent hand-eye coordination, but other jobs like surgeons and veterinarians need superb hand-eye coordination as well. Even the everyday worker can use better hand-eye coordination, it can help you type better and faster while at work. Video games are an outstanding way to improve your daily mental and physical capacity, but they can also affect you mental and physical abilities if you play too much. I have already explained that video games can cause depression and anxiety, but they can also cause obesity and possibly outrages.

It is pretty self-explanatory that one can become overweight or obese playing video games. It has been observed that when most people play video games they tend to eat and drink things, but they do not realize how much they are eating and drinking while playing. Another possibility with gaming is outrages. Everyone has heard about all the shootings at schools and that sort of thing going on. Well many experts agree that those shootings are cause by video games. Now they have no direct evidence that this is what cause them, but they do know that all of the shooters played video games. Video games that included violence and killing people. Now there is no direct correlation from the shootings to violent video games, but after all video games have two distinct sides.

Video games have two pretty obvious sides when it comes to healthy, but video games are ultimately strengthen your daily brain activity. They are also healthy and can positively affect your mental and physical state of mind. They can improve your hand-eye coordination and help improve your work ethic. Video games can slow down the aging process and they can help recovering stroke victims recover faster. Healthy is a bold word to describe video games, and you know they say that a healthy mind means a healthy body.

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