Video Games Are Good Essay

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Video Games Are Good

Video games do not cause violence or aggression towards others, but may benefit you in various ways. Video games are an optional thing to play and can be beneficial to you with interacting with others. Video games also hold an age limit for certain types of games, if the game is gory then it will most likely be for kids eighteen and older. Video games may do not only stray away from violence, they teach these kids how to handle life or death situations, it is truly for the better. Teenagers most likely a will learn violence and aggression from home, or real life situations.

When young men who don’t normally play a lot of video games are exposed to violent video games, changes occur in the way their brains function, new research shows. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, the scientists conducted that document altered brain response time after playing these video games. A lot of these changes had affected them in the long term also. It is proven that video games do have an affect on your brain, but it is still not proven whether the affect is positive or negative. Video games may also cause long term damage, but in my opinion are worth it because they are a great experience to play.

Some may say video games do promote violence and aggression and I’m here to say, you don’t know until you can prove it. Exposing children and adolescents to violent visual media increases the likelihood that they will engage in physical aggression against another person. A single brief exposure to violent media can increase aggression in the immediate situation. One short term affect is that general arousal increases, which tends to increase the dominant behavioral tendency. A long term affect is it decreases the cognitive accessibility of nonviolent ways to handle conflict.

Some may also say that video games do not promote aggression and I know this because you cant prove that they do yet. When the people say that exposing children can cause them to think aggressively and violently, there is an easy solution to this problem, do not let them play or limit the hours played. Also when they say just a brief exposure may cause this is false. This is false because when playing for a brief moment you are limited to the exposure of gore and other various violent actions will not affect your decisions in life. The long term affects can honestly happen to anyone who watches tv too much or exposed to the t screen too often. I just think that people shouldn’t tell their kids or peers to not play video games, for me especially this would be heart wrenching, I happen to love video games and can say they are a part of my life.

Playing video games is trying to be labeled as a crime when it obviously is not. Most kids I know love video games, and although they can be addictive they also have a purpose in educating young adults and adolescence into knowing real life situations. Video games should not be labeled in a bad way and I for one and completely against looking at them in a negative way. Video games are good.

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