Video Analysis Report Essay

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Video Analysis Report

1. Work for Week’s Team Objectives Accomplished (defined in previous week): This week the biggest objective our team accomplished was setting a team meeting to discuss CanGo issues/problems. It was very difficult for the team to find a common time for everyone to meet. Overall three members were able to meet and one of the members never responded.

2. Review/Highlights of Team Video Analysis Report:

Below are the Review/Highlights of Team Video Analysis Report. (Issues and Recommendations for CanGo) 3. Other ‘Consulting’ Work (other than Team Video Analysis Reports):

4. Progress toward Final Presentation (Qualitative and Quantitative): Our team did not get a chance to discuss about the final presentation. We had some technical difficulties with our first team meeting with Iconnect. But next week we all made it our priority to discuss each person’s role and tasks for the final presentation and do more discussion about CanGo.

5. Comments (including each team member contributions/support): Mike Kelly- Submitted two issues and recommendations for video analysis report Trina Jefferson – Submitted two issues and recommendations for video analysis report Maleeha Khan – Submitted two issues and recommendations for video analysis report Leslie Leigh– No contribution for the week and did not attend any team meetings 6. Next Week’s Objectives/Tasks:

Next week’s goal is to work for the final presentation. Do more research on what needs to be done for CanGo to improve their situation? Assignment: Recommend at least two issues and solutions in relation to what has been observed with the business functions of the CanGo Company.


A. CanGo does not have a documented Mission and Vision Statement. 1. Recommendation: Members of the CanGo Company should have a clearly defined Mission and Vision Statement that brings to light where they are going and how they are going to get there. B. CanGo does not have structured short term or long term goals. 2. Recommendation: In this highly competitive market every company needs a Mission and Vision Statement that has clearly defined short and long term goals. Because of this I would say that CanGo has issues with the way they structure their management. It seems that there is only one decision maker in this company, and that is Elizabeth. Understanding that it is Elizabeth’s company, she should consider setting up a professional management team that could set up and monitor the Strategic Management Process.

C. It appears that CanGo has ever issued a proper SWOT Analysis. 3. Recommendation: CanGo needs to evaluate its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. As with any business, this will give management a much clearer picture of where they are currently, and what they need to look at to follow their mission and vision statements for the future. D. Problem: CanGo does not have a mission or vision statement that will define who they are and the way ahead in the market business.

4. Recommendation: As a company CanGo’s Staff need to decide what are the company’s objectives, reason why the exist, and their ultimate goal. E. Nick has a new idea for the company but no business strategy to implement this new idea of online gaming. 5. Recommendation: research this idea, find out the cost/benefit, create a Gantt chart, and assign roles and responsibilities to assist with this project instead of Nick doing it alone

Team Leader, type your name below in the space indicated acknowledging that you have reviewed and concurred with each team member’s accomplishments for the Final project this week. NOTE: This may affect your fellow student’s grades; therefore, you must be honest and as accurate as you can be with the information provided. Team Leader this week: Maleeha Khan

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