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Victor’s beard Essay

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One point to make about the birth process before it has even begun is the location. The room that the creation takes place in is a hidden laboratory inside the university that Victor is working at, and the room for the birth process is hidden behind a curtain so it’s hidden from people if they were to come into the laboratory. The wall is stone and the insides have beams on the roof, which remind you of a cold room. The use of stone is used because stone is generally cold and old beams, which remind you of old, haunted houses.

Also the room is dark and scary which may create suspense for the audience who don’t know what may be round any of these dark corners. This is a place you wouldn’t want to be in, this may also create sympathy for the creature as he is not looked after and has been shoved away in an old room. In the Whale version the birth scene is set in an old disused mill in the country. Inside the mill the walls are again stone which gives the cold feeling. It is dark and dingy and relies on torches for light, which adds to the gothic medieval feel of the film.

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In Mary Shelly’s adaptation the birth scene begins just after Victor’s wife to be Elizabeth falls out with him because she asks him to come back with her and to stop stressing himself out with his work. We then see him pull back a curtain and we see in the mis-en-scene the huge laboratory that has been set up by Victor. He then walks into the laboratory and we see a low angle tracking shot of him running though the laboratory, the use of the low angle shot gives us the impression that Victor is a big powerful man.

As he is running through the laboratory we see him wearing a cloak, which suggests to the audience the idea that he has power like a scientist or magician, sorcerer. As he gets to the creature, his cloak is casually thrown onto the clothes hook, and we can see by this point Victor no longer cares. Now we can see that he has been working so hard on the birth of the creature that his shirt is now ragged, dirty and the top buttons on his shirt are un-done and his shirt is hanging off his skin more now.

This may mean now that if the creature doesn’t live he doesn’t necessarily care about the creature surviving, or it could mean he has been working so hard he hasn’t had time to change and this shows his determination to his work. Also Victor wears his shirt with the sleeves rolled up; this is another way of saying he is again determined to his work. Also Victor’s beard is unshaven which is a certain way to tell that he has been persisting in this experiment for quite a while without sleep.

We then see Victor pulling down several handles and we then see a tracking shot of the creature’s body which is being transported around by pulleys on the roof, and we see the creature is being banged around up on the pulleys. Still, at this time, we haven’t seen the creature; this creates suspense and is a clever idea by Branagh, as this keeps the audience wanting to know, as they don’t even know if they are going to see the creature because if the creature doesn’t live they might not see it.

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