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Victoria’s Secret

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This is the sort of region that has the economic wherewithal and expendable income for a store such as Victoria’s Secret, which is mostly a luxury brand that is reasonably priced. Berlin and Munich share the same European sensibilities as Paris, Milan, and Madrid, but lack the “fashion house” status. The difference is the citizens in and around these cities can afford this brand without question, whereas the Italian, French, and Spanish markets are mostly limited to their respective cities because these countries do not share the same economic strength.

I also believe there is a future possibility in launching the Victoria’s Secret brand in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. Tokyo is known for thriving on its hip, youthful culture, and the Japanese are well-known to fetishize any and all things American. They also have an economy that thrives on its citizens expendable income; their culture is one driven by consumerism that rivals that of Americans. This is a perfect place to introduce “The World’s Sexiest Lingerie.

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Also, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a city that itself has a thriving economy with a successful business climate (by and large an exception and not the rule in the majority of South American countries, which makes South America a largely undesirable area to launch a brand). It is also considered a hotspot for young travelers (the Carnaval celebration is the biggest party in the world, and is a magnet for the young and beautiful) with money.

This city is also known for its vanity; this is very much an image-driven culture, with young women having plastic surgery done (particularly breast augmentations) being the “norm,” without anyone batting an eye.

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The Victoria’s Secret brand will also have particular national appeal in Rio de Janeiro because the three most prominent models for the brand—Giselle Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Andriana Lima—are all Brazilian.

This area is becoming known for its fashion-savviness, as well as its prizing of youth and beauty — two groups that the Victoria’s Secret brand appeals to most. As the Chief Marketing Officer, I would launch the European sector first before heading into South America and Asia, just because the latter two markets might be slightly more difficult to breach as they are a larger step away from the American branding.

However, I believe the Victoria’s Secret brand has wide appeal to the pretentious fashion connoisseurs and the average young women aspiring towards affordable and sexy cutting-edge fashion trends. The Victoria’s Secret marketing department has done a fantastic job of building a billion-dollar company so far; expanding into the above-mentioned areas and building a sense of “exclusivity” will catapult this brand into a whole new dimension in the world market.

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