Victorian Era Essay

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Victorian Era

There are several differences in the movie comparing to the actual Victorian era and I’m going to state three differences.

First in the movie it said that prince Albert died of typhoid at the age of 40. In the movie that was the only mentioning of illness and sickness that killed someone. In the actual Victorian era the diseases such as cholera, smallpox, typhoid fever, influenza, and tuberculosis were very common and killed millions of people in the nineteenth century. Child birth was very hazardous and many women died as a result.

Second in several scenes in the movie , people were really rude and disrespectful to the queen. Queen Victoria’s mothers assistant was a individual that was extremely disrespectful to the Queen. He yelled at her and even laid his hands on her and pushed her. In the Victorian era the people in the household were extremely nice and polite. They were basically servants to her. They would hold her hand when she would walk up the stairs and they would always ask if the Queen needed anything at all times.

Lastly in the movie , the women wore really short dresses and non collared shirts. In the Victorian era , the wealthy dresses extremely well. Women wore long dresses made of the finest cloth, with high collars to protect their skin from the sun. Unlike today, a tan was a sign that a person worked outdoors and was, therefore, lower class.

In conclusion , the movie was different to the actual Victorian era because of the disease , loyalty and the fashion.

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