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Victorian England Essay

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This shows Fred’s view of Christmas, he would rather have a good time with others, rather than make money from it. In this paragraph, I will analyse the setting and why Dickens chose to set his story at Christmas. I think Christmas is a time of families getting together, celebrating, giving presents to one another, and having a good dinner and a great time. But at Christmas the poor are even poorer, because they have to buy presents, buy and cook dinner. In a way I think this still happens today, but parents are pressured into buying the right presents for their kids.

The weather has a big impact on the poor at Christmas:-“Piercing, searching, biting cold”. These adjectives make us feel like the weather is searching through us and consuming us, also:- “The fog and darkness thickened”. This makes the audience think no one can see clearly. In this paragraph I will explore how Dickens uses effective imagery to bring social responsibility to life. He does this by actually showing what Scrooge was like in the past, when he was a boy he was very lonely, only had his sister to care for him.

Then in the present, where it shows Scrooge a greedy old sinner, only caring about himself and his business. And finally in the future Dickens uses a very powerful image, two coffins lay in a graveyard, one with Tiny Tim’s name, and one with Scrooge’s name, Dickens is trying to show that if Scrooge does not change his wicked ways, there will be harsh consequences in the future to come. Also the image of ignorance & want is very effective because they represent all of mankind’s sins. In this paragraph I will sum up the techniques Dickens uses to explore social responsibility and conclude on this essay.

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Dickens uses a wide range of techniques to explore social responsibility, but the best one was when he showed Scrooge’s past, present, and future. This made Scrooge realise what he was doing and how badly he was treating people. This technique is effective as it has an impact on the reader and would maybe make the reader think about their social responsibility and how they treat others. I think Dickens did achieve what he set out to do, because if you look now a days in London, England, the poor are treated better, they are given a home, food and some money.

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