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Victor Frankenstein Essay

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The monster awoke feeling lonely and desolated; it suffered various types of pain such as hunger and cold. These experiences of pain lead the monster to explore the world and its society in a search of pleasure and a solution to prevent pain. The monsters curiosity and anxiety of the world lead it to learn and discover how nature and its complicated components work, it gained the knowledge of how fire works through experience and he discovered how to express himself using the language English through observation.

It observed a family called the De Lacey family who lived in a cottage and from them progressing steadily it learnt the language, English. The monster had acquired a hovel beside the De Lacey family’s cottage and fed on berries and nuts. The monster learnt to read soon after and eventually discovered the true looks of itself; it found that it was preposterously ugly and humans were tremendously frightened of it. The monster found Victors journal in one of the pocket of Victor’s coat jacket, which it had acquired from his birthplace.

It used the information in the journal to cunningly track Victor down, A journey later the monster and Victor met formally for the first time at the sea of ice (North Pole) where the monster explained its despondency and his great depression. The monster asked Victor to create another female monster like itself so he could have a companion. Victor disagreed and endured the wrath of the monster as it hunted down his family one by one. When the monster reached Victors beloved newly wedded wife (Elizabeth) and made her perish Victor filled with detestation and the need for vengeance.

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Victor began to follow the monster, he travelled through the sea of ice and during his journey he met an ambitious explorer. This explorers name was Victor Walton and he had similarly to Victor Frankenstein a great strength in fulfilling his desires and ambitions. Victor Frankenstein explained thoroughly his tale and his great mistake and the moral was that people can go too far with their ambitions. Victor Frankenstein perished soon after in grief and despair and when the monster discovered this he was amazingly in tears as Victor was his father and the only family he had.

This essay is based on 6 chapters, chapter 11 to chapter 16. These chapters have been requested for this essay because they are more significant then the others. This is because these chapters contain the detailed description of the monsters inner feelings and they specify the monsters momentous and crucial thoughts. These chapters encapsulate the tale of the monsters life and every step of it. In chapter 11 where the monster awakes for the first time, it is shown essentially as an innocent new born baby who is innocuous in every possible way.

The monsters intelligence is then shown fundamentally as it learns at a supernatural speed and acknowledges nature promptly. One of the monsters most imperative feelings is contained within the required chapters and this is lonesomeness and negligence, this feeling of the monster is crucial because they are greatly effective in the action the monster takes afterwards. From chapters 11 to 16 the monster is shown in alternative views, at a point it is shown as a kind and amiable being with peaceful feelings. Then its feelings turn into a state where it looks for revenge and hatred packed his heart with evil intentions.

These feelings are enormously effective to the novels plot and therefore are a highly significant part of the novel. The monster is a male consequently it feels masculine feelings, one of these is sexual desire and the monster feels this in chapters 11 to 16. This feeling shows the similarities between humans and the monster and therefore acts as a very crucial part of expressing the monsters feelings in chapters 11 to 16. Overall the required chapters are undoubtedly significant because they consist of all the crucial feelings of the monster which plays a humungous part in the novel.

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