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Victor and God’s place Essay

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Which symbolizes a dreary outlook? Also at one in the morning, it is dark. ”my candle was nearly burnt out” that is meant to symbolize that Frankenstein was about to give up”, when ”the dull yellow eye of the creature opened”. ”dull yellow eye” sounds good because anything to do with a body that is yellow usually means its rotting, and also some people believe that the eyes are the window into the soul. Therefore, this means the creature’s soul is dead and rotting.

In the few moments after the creature has been brought to life, Frankenstein realises that he has been deluding himself; he did recognise that the creation was not as beautiful as he wished it to be whilst he was putting the body parts together. However, once life was instilled in his creation he realised that it was truly ugly. “How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe, or how delineate the wretch whom with such infinite pains and care I had endeavoured to form?

” His most immediate response is running away from the creature.

He escapes to his bedroom where he has a dream. Here his subconscious mind responds to the horrors of the sight he has just witnessed. The body of Elizabeth turning into his mother’s rotting corpse is interpreted in various ways. It may show guilt, pre-eminently at neglecting his family for so long; it may also represent guilt at going into charnel houses and graveyards.

The images Shelley makes full use of themes that were popular during the time she wrote Frankenstein. She is concerned with the se of knowledge for good or evil purposes, the invasion of technology into modern life, the treatment of the poor or uneducated, and the restorative powers of nature in the face of unnatural events. She addresses each concern in the novel, but some concerns are not fully addressed or answered. For instance, how much learning can man obtain without jeopardizing him or others?

This is a question that has no clear answer in the novel. Since the Industrial Revolution had pervaded all part of European and British society by the time of her writing, Shelly questions how far the current wave of advances should push the individual in terms of personal and spiritual growth. She conveys the impression that perhaps the technological advances made to date rob the soul of growth when man becomes too dependent on technology.

Personal freedom is lost when man is made a slave to machines, instead of machines being dominated by man. Thus, Victor becomes a lost soul when he tries his ghastly experiments on the dead and loses his moral compass when he becomes obsessed with animating the dead. Victor’s overindulgence in science wipes away his humanity, and he is left with the consequences of these actions without having reasoned out the reality lat his experiments may not have the desired effects.

The outward appearance of the creature, which remains nameless, is described by his creator: he is created from various different body parts, he has yellow skin which “scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath”, he has lustrous, flowing black hair and white teeth, and he has a “shrivelled complexion and straight black lips. ” Combine these features with the fact that he is also very tall and the image of a creature is complete. He has tried to communicate with people on several occasions but he keeps on being rejected. He has somewhat lost hope as he takes refuge in the hotel near the De Lackey’s home.

He observes them for months, learning their language and their habits. Through reading novels like Milton’s Paradise Lost he starts wondering about himself and his isolation because of his apparent uniqueness: “I was apparently united by no link to any other being in existence”. It is obvious that he longs for some kindness, protection and company. These desires become even more evident when he reads the diary that Victor kept during his creation. From these papers, the creature learns that Victor was not at all happy with his creation. This makes him feel even more lonely and abhorred.

He does good deeds and expects no reward. Sadness when talking to him, knows how ugly he is. Wishes to be like them (imp so ugly-there so dutiful) realises thatches fright end them away. -v very disappointed hates him self-burn house down an s as a symbol of for revenge. Shows haw cleaver cruet sis encloses. I am fascinated how a young women could come up with this book in 1826 about a man creating a body from parts of the dead, assembling them like a jigsaw, giving life to them with the help of electricity, and in addition, taking the role of God.

Frankenstein is a Creator of a destructive thing and somebody who created something that causes widespread ruin or destruction and or that brang about the creator’s own downfall and Frankenstein’s monster out-of-control invention and a creation or invention that may get beyond its maker’s control and cause problems and a monster in the shape of a very large coarse-featured person, often with features such as bolts in the neck and a shambling walk Increasingly lonely and isolated, the monster becomes embittered and cruel, taking a hideous revenge on his creator.

In a dramatic denouement in which Frankenstein pursues his creation to the Artic in order to destroy him, Mary Shelly reveals the terrifying consequences of playing God. It also refers to the story of Prometheus plasticator who was to said to have created and animated life. These two myths were eventually fused together: the fire that Prometheus had stolen is the fire of life with which he animated his clay models. Because of the ‘creating’ aspect, Prometheus became a symbol for the creating artist in the eighteenth century.

Victor Frankenstein can indeed be seen as the modern Prometheus. He defies the gods by creating life himself. Instead of being the created, Victor takes God’s place and becomes the creator. Just as Prometheus, Victor gets punished for his deeds. He is, however, punished by his creation whereas Prometheus was punished by the god who he stole from. In my opinion, there should be no limits to science exploration. Science is all about discovering new things and developing mankind.

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